would you love me still?

Victoria and her best friend Ashley move to London. once settled in, vicky goes on a morning run in a near by park when she runs into Louis tomlinson. it was love at first sight. their relationship blossoms hitting a few bumps on the road.

hope you enjoy c:


1. meeting him.

Victoria's POV

"vicky! come help me unpack my boxes!" i heard Ashley yell from upstairs. i had already finished unpacking for i figured why not. i ran upstairs and saw she had a few boxes left. when we finished unpacking, i decided to make some soup. soup is just very calming to me.

i had no idea what i was going to do today. we had just moved in and there wasnt a lot to do. i could write, or read. but i wanted to do something out of routine. reading and writing we're things i did everyday back home. i wanted to start something new. i decided i would go for a jog. i slipped on my running shorts and tanktop, and my running shoes. i grabbed my phone and headphones off the counter and decided to listen to one direction's "rock me". it seemed like a work out song. i power walked to the park across the street, then started to jog. it was a very beautiful park, it had an innocent vibe to it. as i was taking in the scene, i got a text from ashley.

it read: where the hell are you?!

as i was about to text back, i felt something crash into me. i fell backwards, very confused on what happened. "Oh my god im so sorry!" i heard a sweet toned voice say. i looked up and saw a very attractive guy with blue eyes, reaching a hand out to me. i took the hand and he helped me up.

"oh its fine!" i said.

"we were just trying to get away from some crazed fans that were chasing us" he said.

then i realized who it was. i was standing face to face with louis tomlinson from one direction.

he then broke the silence, "hey did you wanna get out of here?" he noticed my shocked reaction.

"wow uh i know that probably sounded a bit creepy since we just met but-" he said, but i cut him off.

"no id love to, where to?" i said. he smiled, oh god his smile was beautiful. i almost melted.

"oh um, my house... i promise its safe!" he said. i giggled.

"haha ok" i couldnt stop smiling.

"oh! i never caught your name!" he said.

"victoria." i said, still smiling.

"oh im louis." he said returning the smile. i knew exactly who he was. i wasnt a crazed fan but i did like their music.

we walked to his house and i was pleasantly surprised to find that he lived next door to me.

"well i guess we're neighbors." i said.

"you live here?" he said pointing to my new house.

"yeah, we just moved in." i said.

"we? do you have a boyfriend?" he asked.

"hahaha no no! im living with my friend, ashley." i said.

"really you dont have a boyfriend?" he said.

"haha nope.. havent had one for 3 years." i said.

"wow, thats a shocker, such a beautiful girl, no boyfriend." he said. i was blushing like crazy.

he held the door open to his house. i stepped inside. 4 boys just stared at me. it was making me nervous. i hate it when people stare at me.


louis's POV

when victoria stepped inside, all eyes were on her. no wonder, she was beautiful. really beautiful. there were ups and downs to her not having a boyfriend. good thing was that she was single, and i might have a chance with her. bad thing was that for the past 3 years she had no one to tell her how beautiful she was.

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