Harry's child

sequel to " Good girl, bad boy." read it!
After Harry knocked up Anastasia and left her all alone, Anastasia's daughter, Darcy, is now 15. The year is 2027, and the old band 'One Direction' is just coming back. They are old now, in their 30's, but Darcy now hears about them. She never really knew who her dad was... But what if it is Harry Styles, in One Direction?


1. That old band

"So, the old band 'One Direction' is now making it back in the charts with their new album, "Knocked Up." The band, consisting of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne, all now in their thirties, are back! The tickets for their 2027 tour are now on sale!" Ha! I've heard of One Direction. But what kind of name is "Knocked Up?" For an album? They seem pretty good, so i walk into the kitchen, where mum is. "Hey, Mum?" She looks up from the carrot she is cutting, and smiles. "Yes, hun?" "So, this old band, One Direction, is back on tour, and I was wondering if I could get tickets to their tour." She snaps her head back up, face turning bright red. "Darcy, as long as you live, I want you to never speak of that band again. They are terrible! Understand me?" She says. Confused, I just nod. "Um, ok?" I say, give an exasperated sigh, and walk out. My mum, Anastasia, is a single mum. We never talk about my dad, because I dont know who he is. I'm afraid to bring it up, because I dont wanna upset her. I've lived here in London all my life. I know my mum had me when She was 17, so maybe thats why she dosent talk about my dad. He probably knocked her up and left. Why would she say One Direction is terrible? They seem pretty good to me. My cell phone rings, and I see Noelle is calling me. "Hey, Noelle. I was watching TV, and they were talking about One Direction! Yeah, that old band," I say. "Well, I saw that too! AND my parents said i could get tickets for us to see them!" We both squeal, and I tell her everything about what my mum said. "Huh. Well, you could just not tell her," Noelle says, and i decide I like her idea. Yay! One direction, Tomorrow night. I dont even know if I like them, but they seem pretty good. Especially the lead singer- whats his name?- Harry.
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