A Whole New World <3

It's always been the same for me. I've always been a good girl, doing what my parents tell me to. But that is about to change. Because I am starkid, and I'll show them all.


2. Chapter One


I opened my eyes slowly, trying to get them to adjust to the bright light that was streaming in from my bedroom window. Something instantly felt wrong. Wait… when I wake up its dark! Aw, Flipper dipper! I’m late! I quickly swung my legs out of bed and planted my feet firmly on the ground. I stood up shakily, and walked over to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror before stepping into the shower, and scowled. My hair was sticking up at odd ends, and I had forgotten to take off my makeup from last night, consequently making me look like a panda on a bad day. I quickly showered, and stepped into the strawberry shampoo scented bathroom. I quickly toweled myself dry and ran into my room, throwing on my uniform. A basic grey mini skirt, a white blouse, black, orange and yellow striped tie and some black tights. I quickly threw on some black flat shoes. I brushed and straightened my hair, before putting on a thin line of eyeliner, a coat of mascara and a tiny bit of pink lip gloss. I covered my hair in hairspray hurriedly as I ran down the stairs and reached the kitchen. I found a note on the counter worktop, from my parents. I did not even bother to read it, as it probably just said they had a business trip, as always. I grabbed a cereal bar and my purse, slipped on my black blazer and my Barbour coat, before running out of the door. I literally ran to the bus stop, and just got there in time to see the bus pulling away. Brilliant, now I really am going to be late. I trudged along the wet, cold pavement, annoyed and lonely. I pulled out my IPod and plugged in my earphones, pressing play. Music on, World off. I walked down to school; it wasn’t such a bad walk, only about half an hour. I eventually arrived at school at 9:00am, so the bell went ten minutes ago. It didn’t really matter, as my form has this really annoying form tutor who thinks its okay to let you into the classroom 10 minutes after the bell has gone and then moan at you when you ask your friend for a pen, saying that you are wasting valuable form time. I made it about 5 meters from the school entrance before someone called my name. I pulled out my earphones to see yet another teacher I despise, Mrs. Parstons.

“Take those earphones out, electrical equipment is not allowed in school! And take that coat off, you’ve already had a warning from me from wearing it in school. And do your tie up, its hanging half way down your chest! And pull that skirt down, it looks more like a belt!”

“Yes, Mrs. Parstons.” I replied sweetly.

“And why are you so late?” She snapped.

“I woke up late, Mrs. Parstons.” I said.

“That’s simply not good enough. I suggest you set your alarm earlier. For now, Detention tonight, Miss Parker.  Half an hour after school.” She said.

“Yes, Mrs. Parstons.” I nodded.

“Now you better get to your form room, before your even more late. Hurry along, Ava!” She said.


This school is ridiculous. They encourage you to express yourself, but then yell at you for every little thing you do! I walked over to my locker, muttering several curses about where Mrs. Parstons can stick her detentions.  I put the key in and tried to turn it, but it just wouldn’t budge. I sighed angrily and felt someone’s presence behind me. I turned around to see the most gorgeous boy ever! He had shiny brown hair that just fell over his right eye, and beautiful green eyes. My heart melted at the sight of him, and he coughed, trying to get my attention.

“Sorry.” I apologized.

“Its fine, do you need some help?” He asked.

“Yes please.” I laughed.

I moved aside and he took my locker key, turned it and the door swung open. He chuckled at my shocked face. He handed me the key and waited for me to put my coat in. I closed my locker and turned to him.

“Thanks for helping me open my locker. I haven’t seen you around before.” I said.

“It’s my first day. I’m Ashley, and do you have a name, beautiful?” He asked.

“I’m Ava. Nice to meet you, Ashley Charmer Pants. What form are you in?” I asked.

“10R?” He said, checking his timetable.

“Me too! You want to come to form, I’ll take you there.” I offered.

“I’d love to.” He said.

I laughed and picked up my bag, and started walking the long journey to form. He linked my arm, and in all honesty I have to say I didn’t mind. We eventually reached the form room. I smiled at him and knocked on the door. Mr. Dryer, my form tutor, looked up at me and glared slightly. I smiled innocently at him and walked up to his desk, aware that Ashley was following me.

“Sorry I’m late sir.” I apologized.

“Why are you late, Ava?” Mr. Dryer asked.

“She found me, and showed me the way, Sir.” Ashley said, walking up to me.

“Very well. You must be our new addition to the form. You must be Ashley.” Mr. Dryer said, annoyance present in his voice.

“Yes sir.” Ashley said stiffly.

“Why don’t you sit next to Holly over there?” Mr. Dryer said.


“Yes sir.” Replied Ashley.


I sat down in my place around the table, which evidently was next to Mikaela. She instantly started asking me questions about Ashley, but I just laughed and told her that I would explain later. Mr. Dryer started moaning to us about how we aren’t doing well enough in form, how we are too chatty and how we never get anything done in form. Holly pulled out a glasses case, and started silently cleaning the glasses inside them.

“Detention, Holly, that’s low level disruption.” Mr. Dryer snapped.

“How is that low level disruption?” She asked in disbelief.

“Oh dear, another detention for arguing with a member of staff.” Mr. Dryer added.

“This is ridiculous.” I muttered to Mikaela.

“I know, she didn’t even do anything!” Mikaela agreed.

The bell suddenly rang, and we all stood up quickly. I put my pen and planner back into my bag, and tucked my chair back under the table. I looked across to see Ashley was already staring at me, smiling. I puffed out my cheeks and stuck my tongue out at him, and he laughed and struck a peace sign in front of his face at me, making me laugh. We all quickly left the classroom as soon as we were dismissed, and headed off to our individual classes, as we all had different.

“So ladies, what lessons do we have first?” Ashley asked.

He stood behind us, an arm around mine and Mikaela’s shoulders. Mikaela laughed and I rolled my eyes at him. He winked cheekily at me and walked in between us, making us laugh.

“I don’t believe I know your name.” Ashley said to Mikaela.

“I’m Mikaela.” Mikaela said, laughing.

“Well, I’m Ashley, the coolest, most awesome guy you will ever meet in your entire life.”

“Well, Mr. Big Head, your first lesson is Maths, so you better get going.” I teased.

“So is yours, Miss Beautiful.” Ashley retorted.

“See you guys.” Mikaela laughed, walking into her English classroom.

“Why  do you keep calling Miss Beautiful?” I asked.

“Because you are.” Ashley answered simply.

“I would have thought you would have preferred someone like Tashlyn, someone pretty.” I replied, walking into Maths and sitting down.

“Nah, I don’t want pretty, I want Miss Beautiful.” He said, sitting down next to me.

I rolled my eyes and pulled out my Maths book, and a pen. Ashley got given a book and we started to work from some worksheet, on Algebra. Ashley sat there, not really working.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Your beautiful when you do Algebra.” He laughed.

“What if I work on equations?” I challenged.

“Then you’ll be even more beautiful.”

“Will you please stop saying that?” I asked.

“Not until you believe it.”

“I never will.”

“Just think, we have Music next, and I bet your voice is as beautiful as your face and personality.” He said with a wink.

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