A Whole New World <3

It's always been the same for me. I've always been a good girl, doing what my parents tell me to. But that is about to change. Because I am starkid, and I'll show them all.


1. Introduction


Music has always been a passion of mine. An escape route, even. Ever since I was a young child, I've always wanted to sing. But that dream has always been squashed by the people I call 'Mum and Dad'. To them it was a childish fantasy, something that was just a phase, and it would all go away. They wouldn't hear of such nonsense, being who they are. My mother and Father are part of parliament. My father is good friends with the Prime Minister, and he couldn't have a daughter that was making money from music now, could he? That would be impractical and undignified. So I continue my quest for musical mastery in secrecy. It's all I have. On the outside I'm your basic, fourteen year old girl. I have my close friends, the teachers I despise, and the boy troubles. But it's not me. It's not who I want to be. I want to be someone that people know; I want people to hear me. So I created Team Starkid. Allow me to explain. I attend St Margaret Ward Catholic High School and Performing Arts College. Weren't expecting that, huh? Thought Mummykins would have sent me to a posh boarding school? No. They want me out of the way, so they can continue their paths to greatness. I'd had enough of it. That was how Team Starkid was born. Made up of a group of teenagers, aged 12-16, who were sick and tired of their parents squashing their dreams. We all have one thing in common. We love music. We've ran for about a year, and it's coming close to our opening show. We're going to show everyone who has ever doubted us. They're going to be sorry, we'll show them just how 'immature' music is. We're not all singers though. We dance and act too. We'll show them. You just wait and see. I'm the leader of Team Starkid. My name is Ava Rose Parker, and I'm a singer and actress. My best friend is Mikaela Nater, and she's a dancer. We're the base of Team Starkid. It's not just a group, it's a way of life. Not like the Mafia, don't get that impression, whatever you do. We're simply sick and tired of the rubbish. This is war, and Team Starkid will come out on top. That's a promise.

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