Same Mistakes With You

"Wait!!! Why do you have to leave me everytime please come back!!" I said to him as he walked away.
"I'm sorry but this is for our own good bye." He said this with his back to me leaving with the door hanging.
I was on the edge of crying he has always done this too me. The only question was WHY????


1. The Beginning!(:

I was walking thought the majestic forest. Purple bunnies and blue deers were happily walking around throughout the forest, whilst a family of birds were singing a beautiful melody. I am lying down in a pasture of grass in the middle of the forest. I sat up only feeling the wind blowing across my face and I watched among the horizon. As I was watching a figure was walking towards me. As the figure came closer it was my best friend Niall, I haven't seen him since he left for the X-Factor.
As he gets closer i can smell his cologne ummm... smells just like him. He says to me " I missed so much Mel Bear" whilst saying that we start to  lean in. Our lips are 2 centimeters apart , as this happens it brings back memories for the past. Just as him lips were going to connect with mine we heard a monstrous crackling noise as we turn around we find an enormous fire taking over the pine treees. Niall takes my hand, which sennds gossebumps up to my neck, and we run away.

While I was looking back the  fire looked like it was rascing against ud or should i say us; however;while looking back  I trip over a rock and the fire gets on my shoe and its taking over my body. It feels like sh*t  I scream and I look at Niall he is looking at me with sorrow in his eyes. He looks down and says " You deserve this you bit*h!"
I scream and I hit something really hard I open my eyes sleeply I look at my watch '4:05', I only have like 2 hours before i wake up to school. I try to go back to sleep.
*2 hours later*
My dad comes in with his face full of concern and asked me " Sweetie are you okay I herad you screaming 'Niall and fire'?" " Yeah dad, I'm okay it was just the ame dream that has been haunting me since he left and dad did I wake up Justin?" "No hun you didnt but come down stairs to eat breakfast." "Kk dad I'll be sown their in 10 let me change first." (P.S. I forgot to tell you that today is my last day at school and my first day moving out!!YEAH!!!)
As I finish dressed in I went downstairs to eat some yummmy breakfast!!! As I went downstairs I saw my little brother Justin and my mother there all eating freshly done pancakes. I say "Morning Mum, morning Justin" I get replies like "Morning Sweetie" and "Morning Mel". As i grab my three pancakes on the go. As I am walkin gto my car I didn't expect what was going to happen.
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