Rock Me

Sarah and her mom are originally from America, When moving to England, Sarah forms a great interest in her neighbor Louis. After talking and hanging out, they soon become best friends but show interest in each other. Sarah's dad has always had an abusive side and that is something she needs to keep in mind.


3. Meeting the neighbor

Louis' POV

   I had to talk to her.  The way her blue eyes shined and her light brown hair bounced, with her loose curls, drove me crazy. She was so beautiful. She started leaving her room, and went outside. She was going for a walk it seemed. This was my chance. I ran out the door and I walked to her. She turned around seeing me and stopped. "Hi" I said. She smiled and said "Hello." I asked her what her name was and she replied "Sarah." With a gentle tone. "I'm Louis" She told me it was nice to meet and I didn't know what to say. Smooth Louis. I asked her for her number and she hesitated, but gave it too me, then ran inside. I was so excited I stood there for a minute and started dancing down the street! She looked at me through her window and started laughing and said "You go boy!" I was so embarrassed... 

Sarah's POV

He honestly, was super cute. Longish brown hair and gorgeous smile. Green eyes. Wow. I gave him my number and he texted me soon after. "Louis(: - Hey (:" I responded "Hello (:" He started asking me about myself and I told him we could just meet up at his place and talk about it face to face. He said I should come over in about 30 minutes and so I did. I walked over in a a baggy grey sweatshirt, black leggings, making my muscular thighs look great, and my hair in loose curls. I felt hot honestly . I giggled to myself and rang the doorbell. Louis' ran down the stairs and answered the door quickly; Jaw dropped. "Is there a problem?" I asked. "No. no no no not at all. You look beautiful." "In this baggy thing?" I said looking down at my sweatshirt "Thanks!" I smiled. He led me to his living room and we began talking. I asked him if he did anything interesting and he told me about his band, One Direction. I never realized it was Louis from 1D! I almost started fan girling but that must get annoying, I told him how big of a fan I was and he offered to take me to there next concert in a few days! I yelled "YES !" He laughed and looked into my eyes.  I felt so happy to have made a friend. We talked about anything and everything, never having a silence but it was getting late so I told him I had to go. I walked to the door and Louis walked with me. Right as I was walking out the door, Louis hugged me and slipped something into my pocket. I walked home and ran upstairs, anxious to read the note. I read it and it said "Meet me at my place, 12:00 tomorrow (; dress nice" I wondered why I needed to dress nice but I ran to my wardrobe anyways and picked out a blue short dress, flattering my curves and silver heels to go with it. Also a gorgeous necklace with a silver chain and a diamond on the bottom. I went to sleep ASAP so it would be tomorrow already!

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