Rock Me

Sarah and her mom are originally from America, When moving to England, Sarah forms a great interest in her neighbor Louis. After talking and hanging out, they soon become best friends but show interest in each other. Sarah's dad has always had an abusive side and that is something she needs to keep in mind.


4. High classed much ?

Sarah's POV

I woke up around 9:00. I ran to the bathroom and took a hot shower, did my hair, got dressed and did my makeup. I wanted to look good if he told me to look nice! I went downstairs and my mom asked me what I was doing. I explained to her about Louis and everything and she just stood there smiling and I rolled my eyes. I knew what she was thinking. "Oh my baby is gonna get herself a guy!" I walked out the door over to Louis' and he answered the door in a white polo shirt, nice dress pants and good looking shoes.

Louis' POV

Does she always have to look so good? She's making me want her. I smiled and said "Wow you look stunning!" she replied with a "Thank you! You don't look so bad yourself" She winked at me and walked inside. " What are we doing today!" she asked. I told her to get in the car and she'd find out. We walked to the car and I started driving to a super nice restaurant, but she had no idea! I wanted to impress her and make her feel special. She deserved it after telling me about her dad. When we arrived she had the biggest smile on her face.

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