Rock Me

Sarah and her mom are originally from America, When moving to England, Sarah forms a great interest in her neighbor Louis. After talking and hanging out, they soon become best friends but show interest in each other. Sarah's dad has always had an abusive side and that is something she needs to keep in mind.


5. Get together

Sarah's POV

Wow. Just wow! We arrived at a huge restaurant with fountains outside and christmas lights decorated on the outside. It was almost christmas and I was excited so this really got me in the spirit! Louis watched my face in pleasure and walked me inside. There was no one in there so I asked Louis what was going on. "I rented the place out just for you and me" "Why?" I asked "Because you deserve it!" He answered. Gosh this was so sweet! It made me wonder if he maybe liked me? I sure as hell liked him! I'll ask him tonight.  We sat down at a table with a candle, the restaurant was dim lighted and really romantic. "So Louis... I have to ask you something but you can't laugh okay?" "Okay what is it?" he said. "Well, I mean.. I kinda like you and I wanted to know if you liked me too?" I had a small hopeful smile on my face. "Well maybe this will answer your question." He started leaning over and he put his hands on my face, pulling me into a kiss. It was so passionate and it felt right, I had fireworks in my whole body.Wow. 

Louis' POV

"Sarah, I know we've only known each other for a short while but, I feel like I know you so well, just by talking and texting to you last night. You are so beautiful and I want to make you know your loved. Will you please do me the honors of being my girlfriend?" She just got up and hugged me. It felt so good. "So is that a yes?" "Yes" she said smiling! I picked her up and kissed her I was so happy! We sat down, ate and talked and it was perfect! We drove back to my place and I asked her if she wanted to stay the night (even though she lived right next door) she agreed and I gave her one of my bigger shirts to wear to bed. "So um.. where should I change?" she asked. "Well you could go to the bathroom or stay right here.'' he said winking. She pulled of her shirt and then undid her bra. I stood there watching her beautiful body. The she slid off her pants. Wow. She put on the shirt I gave her then laid down.

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