Rock Me

Sarah and her mom are originally from America, When moving to England, Sarah forms a great interest in her neighbor Louis. After talking and hanging out, they soon become best friends but show interest in each other. Sarah's dad has always had an abusive side and that is something she needs to keep in mind.


2. Arriving in England

Sarah's POV

    We arrived at the airport after a 30 minute drive. We had pre-ordered the plane tickets and made it through security quickly. I felt super rushed and nervous, I've never got to see much of the outside world, my dad always kept me inside. Seeing all these people gave me chills. It was time to board the plane and I was too excited to get out of here, even though it was a long plane ride, it was going to be worth the wait! We arrived after the longest time and I jumped off the plane, feeling free which was the greatest feeling! My aunt, who lived around our neighborhood, picked us up and drove us to our house. It was an akward car ride honestly, but it didn't last long. We arrived at the house 15 minutes later and I was feeling anxious to set up my new room! I ran inside, and there was at least 4 rooms! and of course, I chose the biggest one. It was HUGE! I stared out the window and had a view of some guys room. I saw him pacing his room, on the phone and he seemed frustrated. He yelled words which seemed like "Were done" and slammed his fist against the wall. He looked over and saw me watching and just stopped. He looked for awhile, making me feel weird, and then he waved. I waved back and got back to unpacking. I looked over about 5 minutes later and he was still looking! What a weirdo.


Louis' POV

I was just on the phone with my girlfriend Eleanor, well ex girlfriend I should say, She cheated on me with some low life guy and I was done!  I was so frustrated I slammed my fist into the wall. But I noticed the new neighbor girl watching me and I just watched her like and idiot. God she was so gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I waved, trying to be friendly and she waved back then started unpacking again.  I kept watching her and she turned around again and looked at me like I was weird. I could see why she thought that. 

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