a night you won't forget


1. a night you won't forget



heavy eyelids and bated breath

will this be a night you won't forget?

chinese whispers, tell me your secrets

promised i'd hold you on the darkest of nights

said i could help you feel less alone

remember our visits to Paris and Rome?

scattered bottles in an empty field

sweetheart i think it's time you went home

days blur into one when everything's numb

and you feel so tired all the time

is this what you pictured, is growing up fun?

don't put your faith in me, i'm not the one

it comes down to empty words when all is said and done

forget about me, remember the rest

consider yourself a friend of mine,

hold faith in these words, forget the rhyme

i gave you hope, you gave me love

i said 'look after yourself'

but all you wanted was your next high

wasted money, wasted time,

high on a pedestal, wasted love of mine

cold floor, tired eyes

nobody else sees through your disguise

will this be a night you won't forget?

will you wake in the morning filled with regret?

close your eyes darling, i'll take you home

listen to me now beautiful you'll be all right

just do me a favour and stay home tonight

the world is cold and people lack hearts

harden their edges so they don't get hurt

but people are fragile and feelings are dumb

you wanted a hero but forgot you could be one

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