Titanic: Beautiful Eyes


Cheyanne Darling, 16, joined the Titanic crew to get a fresh start. Albert Ervine, 18, joined the Titanic crew so that his family could afford their home in Belfast. They're both scarred, broken; a little rough around the edges. But they have one thing in common. They are survivors.


5. Flashback and Rampage

"What do you have to say for the tailor? Daniel. I see you've taken quite a liking to him." Ma asked as she cinched me into my dress.

"I suppose he's an honorable man. And well off." He wasn't much to look at. He was twice my age, but I'd say anything to please Ma.

"And you know he's asked for you hand?" She asked nervously. I jumped at lest three feet in the air, causing Ma to stick me with a needle.

"He may have asked for my hand, but I will not give it to him. Not for all the riches in this earth." I spat.

"And why do you detest him so?" She asked carefully, running a hand through my silken hair, before twisting it into submission, "He's a good man; a nice man!"

"He may be nice, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I am fifteen years old, Ma. By lower standard, someone could say he's old enough to be my father." I quipped, turning away.

"You hold your tongue, Cheyanne Grace!" She gasped, before regaining her demure, "You know our situation, Chey. Please, consider this."

"There is nothing to consider, Ma. I won't marry someone as an attempt to save you from your own self. You want me to feel guilty about who I am? It is not going to happen. We are Gypsies! You have to learn to accept it as I have."

"We fled to Ireland to give you a change at a good life, Love -"

"And I can do that without a husband. Believe me, whatever becomes of me, it will be because I let it be so. I will not let you dictate my life anymore, Mami. Like you say, we are Irish now. Irish girls are tough. I can fend for myself."

"I'd like to see you work for one day of your miserable life." She snapped finally, "You've been spoiled your whole life. Don't you see? Now that your father is gone, and the Empire is closing in, we don't have another choice. You don't get a say in this decision, Chey. You will be marrying Daniel Corcoran."

"I'd sooner cut out my own to tongue, Mother." No. She wouldn't really make me to this.

After finishing my nightly rounds and seeing to it that all of the first class patrons were settled in, I had to make a hard decision. Should I go hide out in Albert's cabin or see my fiancé for the first time in nearly two days?

Albert ended up having to work a late shift due to his tardiness on the night prior, when he'd been settling me into his cabin. So he wouldn't be in his cabin now. I couldn't exactly go skulking around a man's room while he wasn't there. The answer was obvious. I had to see Daniel. Surely he knew that I wouldn't be running thirty-six hour shifts. Not even he was that daft.

Bile rose in my throat as I trudged down the stairs and pushed open the door to our bunker. Sure enough, there was Daniel, curled up on his bunk, writing a letter home.

"There you are." he mumbled, jumping up to give me a kiss. I neatly dodged, allowing him to merely peck my cheek, "What kept you? I thought you worked four hours at a time."

Damn. He was right. I only had to work four hours at a time with eight hour breaks in between to recoup. I suppose I didn't factor in the possibility that he monitored my hours when I formulated my genius escape plan.

"I just had a few things I had to finish. I'm sorry, Daniel. It won't happen again." I said, keeping my eyes plastered to the ground. I was worried that if I looked up my indifference would turn into disgust before I could stop it.

"You're such a hard worker for these people you don't even know." He realized, "And yet, you can't even seem to make a proper meal for your husband." Damn him and his perceptiveness!

"Not my husband yet." I said with an impish grin. I heaved a silent sigh of relief at that knowledge. He was not my husband yet.

"Right you are." He chortled, kicking his feet back up once more on the bunk. With that, Daniel fell silent, leaving me to my thoughts.

Why had I finally broken down and done what my mother asked? Why didn't I just stand my ground? Life would've been different. But I still might've been happier.

"Actually, I do think Millie told me there was something she needed help with before we turned in." I improvised. I had to get out of this room. It felt like the walls were closing in around me.

"Of course." He shooed me away, enthralled with his note taking once more, "Don't be too long, though."

Along with his permission, I fled. I took off at a dead sprint, all the way up to Second Class, flinging myself through the door to Albert's cabin. To my shock, he was there. He'd already been relinquished from his duties, "What are you doing here?" I asked in shaky voice. Honestly, I'd just been looking for somewhere to reminisce and cry on my own. I'd expected him to be at least another hour or so.

"This is my room, Love. I should be asking you what you're doing here." He sat up from where he'd been lounging across his bed, reading a book with the name Charles Dickens going up the spine.

"It's odd really. It just seems the more time I spend with you, the more repulsed I am by Daniel. And I know I shouldn't be. I'm supposed to love him, but -"

"But you're here." He concluded, "You're here instead of tolerating him. That proves that you're taking some control of your life again, Cheyanne. You should be proud, not embarrassed."

"I'm not embarrassed." I snapped, wiping at my eyes hastily.

"Admit it, Darling. You came here looking for a place to hide." Albert had a small, half-moon smile playing at his lips as he gave me a once over. You wanted somewhere where you could hide from what's really happening."

Giving in, I finally nodded. He simply shook his head, watching my appraisingly, "It's just because I know that I'm going to have to find some way to sneak past him. Please try to understand, Albert. For the past months, Daniel has been the only security I've had. My family has lived as gypsies for many years. I hardly ever knew where my next meal was coming from. My mother and I were forced out of our home when I was younger. Just the idea that I might finally have something for myself...I don't even know. It is different."

"And even though things are safe with Daniel, you want to leave him?" He asked, seeming somewhat confused. I mean, Daniel was a man of steady means. Anybody would've been lucky to have him.

"I don't plan on going back to him." I admitted, "Not for the rest of this trip at least. I will write a note and slip it under the door while he's at work. An apology, I'm assuming. I haven't really thought about it much yet."

"But why would you be apologizing for something that will make you happy?"

"Because it comes at the expense of everyone else!" I guffawed, "I might be happy, but what about my mother? My grandparents? I've left them at home with no sign of what's become of me. I may actually be in America with Daniel for all they know!"

"They will forgive you! And you can always write! Just because you're coming to live with my family doesn't mean you have to be completely isolated from yours!"

"Frankly, I'm just terrified for the change."

"Change. Is. Good." He insisted, "Now you need to rest though. It's late. Your next shift starts soon."

And he was right. After my rant, I felt absolutely drained. Both mentally and physically. I knew one thing above all else. I was ready for this to be over.
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