Love story

Allison has been friends with Zayn Malik as long as she can remember. They do everything together and because of that people always think that they are dating. They have all sorts of adventures, from when they first met in 1st grade all the way to high school. Then Allison starts to have feelings for Zayn. Will their relationship last?


1. Meeting up

"Allison!! come down here!" my called up to my room. i walked down the staircase and saw my mom by the door with a basket. "Our new neighbors just moved in next door, and we are going to introduce ourselves."  She said with a big smile on her face. I really hope its another little girl. i thought to my self.  I was the only young girl in the neighborhood and most of the time i was in my room playing with dolls.  I looked out the window and saw a big moving truck.  Me and my mom walked up the steps to the door and rand the doorbell. "Hello! you must be our next door neighbors!" the lady said. "Hi! My name is Suzy and this is my daughter Allison." my mom said.  "I'm Patricia and this is my daughter Doniya." she said pointed to a tall girl next to her. "i also have a son named Zayn." she said with a warm smile. Right after she said that a boy about my age came running down the stairs. "Hi! I'm Zayn!" he said.  My mom gave them the welcome basket and we were about to leave when he asked me if i wanted to play in his room. "Sure!" I said and ran up with him.  When we got there is room was much bigger than mine. A lot of this things were still in boxes.  We played all day and it was so much fun! We played soccer in his backyard, and so many other things.  At the end of the day when i had to leave i was so sad.  "Ill see you tomorrow?" he asked "Yep!" I said and gave him a small hug. At the dinner table that night my mom was so excited i finally met a new friend.  And i was too! It got so boring just playing in my room by my self.  The next day however i had to go to school. Zayn was in my class he said so it was ok.  I knew we were going to be best friends forever.

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