Love story

Allison has been friends with Zayn Malik as long as she can remember. They do everything together and because of that people always think that they are dating. They have all sorts of adventures, from when they first met in 1st grade all the way to high school. Then Allison starts to have feelings for Zayn. Will their relationship last?


2. Just good friends

Today was the first day of 1st grade.  I walked over to Zayns house and his mom both gave us a ride to school. We got out of the car and ran to the play ground where all the other kids were.  We were playing on the monkey bars. A teacher called all of us into the building. "hello kids!! I am Mrs. Tuccio and i will be your teacher for this year!" We started working on coloring books.  I loved to color! Each kid grabbed a handful of crayons and started coloring.  "Hey Allison?" Zayn asked. "ya?" "do you want to play after school?" "You know i do!" i said.  When we got home we went straight to hid back yard. HE had a huge backyard and that is mostly where we played.  We were running around playing tag until he just sat down. "can we play something else?" he asked. "Like what?" i sat on the ground next to him. "Allison...You are the best friend ever!" "thanks Zayn you are too!' i said and he kissed me on the cheek.  That was nothing new though he did it all the time.


5th Grade

Today was the first day of 5th grade! I put on some jeans and a t shirt.  Since i was friends with Zayn i didnt really dress girly like I did when I was little.  I walked over to his house and saw his little sister Waliyha sitting in the yard.  His mom just had her a couple years ago. "Ready to go?" I asked him as he walked out of his house.  "yup!" he said and I kissed him on the cheek.  We were really good friends and did EVERYTHING together.  The first half of school went by pretty fast and it was time for recess.  We got out to the playground and started to walk around. "I have to go to the bathroom! Be right back!" i sat on a nearby bench. Then 2 girls came up to me. "hows you boyfriend?" they asked "He's not my boyfriend!" i yelled. "Ok, then why do you dress like a guy?" i stood up and tried to walk away but they wouldnt let me. They pushed me onto the ground and left.  I always get bullied for the things i wear but i never told Zayn.  I saw him coming back so i quickly got up.  That afternoon we went back to my house and played in my backyard.  We never really like going inside.  We always loved to be outside.

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