Love is overrated


1. love is overrated

I'm in love with the smell of old books hidden in the crevices of musty bookshops, the way the rain hits the pavement and the passing cars' headlights reflect off of it, the colours of leaves falling, falling, fallen. I'm in love with places I've never been to and people I've never met, people! Just people, the way their smile can hide more than meets the eye, the way their whole face lights up when they smile, I'm in love with intelligence, with words crafted carefully for effect, with knowledge of simpler things, I'm in love with their drive and dreams and hopes and wishes. People fascinate me, I want to know them, capture the essence of them in words, in images, in emotions. I'm in love with the moment you thought you'd only ever read about in the comfort of your bed with a hot chocolate warming your throat, the moment the first few flakes of snow come tumbling down and the anticipation of more, of the first time you made a snow angel, your first New Years' kiss, - your first kiss. My heart is filled to bursting with all of these moments, feelings, words, occurrences - what more is there to say or have?

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