You Had Me At, I Hate You

Celia Broadbeck was a mute girl. She was bullied non stop by non the less, Harry Styles but she had no idea why because they used to be best friends. Once he left for the X Factor, she thought she would finally have that dream life but that plan went down hill. She was discovered and always had a dream of being a singer, but once that dream comes true what happens when she has to face the big pop star every girl falls head over heels for, Harry Styles?


2. Life brings unnexpected surprises

Celia's POV
I flinched when the curling iron burnt my ear. "Sorry hun." My hair dresser, Jess, apologizes. I open up twitter seeing all the mentions and tweets since I was online. "OKAY! Bill, you go over there and fix the sound, LIGHTS its wayy too bright." My manager, Caroline, was yelling. She immediately looks at me with a scowl. "And you.. Someone fix your make up." She says pointing a finger at me. There was a last apply of blush and I decide to tweet: Shakin' my first teen choice awards, nervous as heck! Love u guys xx. I follow some people and shut off my phone. I let out a shaky breath and stand at the entrance to back stage. My music starts and I walk out onto stage, the crowd cheering when they see me appear. "Hello New York!" I yell into the microphone. I get a chorus of goods amd then my music starts.
"My bestfriend, bestfriend til the very end."
"Cause bestfriends, bestfriends don't have to pretend"
" You need a hand, and I'm right there right beside you"
"You in the dark, I'll be the bright light to guide you"
"Member the times times times sneaking out the house"
"All of the times times times that you had your doubts"
"And don't forget, that all the trouble we got into"
"We've got something you can't undo, do"
"Laughing so damn hard, crashed your dads new car"
"All the scars we share, I promise I swear.."
"Wherever you go, just always remember. That you just got home for now and forever"
"And if you get alone just call me wheneva"
"This is my oath to youu"
After I finish a few songs I walk backstage and sit on the couch, waiting for my manager. Caroline comes through the door holding someone's hand. I couldn't see since he wasn't inside yet. As soon as ge steps in I recognize that full head of curlz. Harry?
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