You Had Me At, I Hate You

Celia Broadbeck was a mute girl. She was bullied non stop by non the less, Harry Styles but she had no idea why because they used to be best friends. Once he left for the X Factor, she thought she would finally have that dream life but that plan went down hill. She was discovered and always had a dream of being a singer, but once that dream comes true what happens when she has to face the big pop star every girl falls head over heels for, Harry Styles?


1. Dreams Can Come True

Celia's POV
My head smacked against the lockers as I was slammed into it by Harry. "I told you to stay out of my way." He growls and the punches me in the stomach. I bend over and fall to the ground. He kicks me and walks away, not before saying "slut." And spitting on me. I don't know what happend, we used to be best friends.
I was 10 years old, laying my head against Harry's chest, naming clouds. "Hey Celia?" He mumbles. "Mhm?" He sits up, bringing me with him. He has one arm behind his back, "Um, would you like to go to the movies with me Saturday night?" He asks me, handing me a rose. "Oh, I would love to, but.. I was suppose to hang with Grant. I'm sorry." I say, handing the rose back. Grant was a kid in my class, one day in class I got up to get a tissue and he did too, he handed me a note saying that he likes me. I sat back down and glanced at him. He burried his head in his book, his face red. This was the second week we have been together. Harry stood up, his face red with anger. "You never pay attention to me anymore! You always follow Grant around! I hate you!" He yells. I stand up to and he pushes me to the ground and runs off. Ever since then he has been bullying me.
-Flashback Ends-
I hold onto my stomach and gently try to stand up. The bell rings and the kids in the hallway scamper to get to their classes, knocking me down. The late bell rings and I pull myself up, opening my locker and grabbing my books. I walk to my first class, History. Great, Harry is in this class. "Late again Miss Broadbeck." My teacher, Mrs.Lawner says, looking above her glasses. "Sorry." I croak. She hands me a detention slip and I walk down the aisles of desks, keeping my head down and avoiding gazes of everyone. I slide into my seat and pull my History book open. The teacher blabbers on and I rest my chin on my papm and my elbow on the desk. "Psst!" Someone hisses, throwing a paper ball at my head. "Psst!" Another ba thrown. "Psst!" "What!" I turn around and whisper yell at Harry. He smirks and mouths, go die. I see Harry look up and a shadow is casted over me. I hear the drumming of nails and I turn my head slowly and see Mrs. Lawner standing infront of me with a dissapointed look on her face. "Are you disrupting my student's attention Miss Broadbeck?" My teacher hisses. Harry plays innocent and nods. "Detention four days this week. If you can't control your behavior I will send you down to the principle's office." You turns and walks back to her desk and I look down. The bell finally rings, signalling that class ended. I walk down to my locker and put my hand on the knob and open it. A hand slams it close and I turn around. I see Harry standing infront of me and I nervously push my glasses up my nose with my index finger. "Disrupting my attention are we?" Harry mocks, pinning me against the lockers. My heart beats fast and I look into those beautiful green eyes. His brown chocolate curls shapes his face perfectly. I was interrupted by a hand around my throat. "Answer me!" Harry yells. I cough and get light head. The bell rings and he drops me and kicks me again. See you later you stupid bitch." He says, venom dripping off his words. I sigh and stand up, trailing to second period. The class exists of the same thing of last class, except with Harry's girlfriend, Lucy. Finally the lunch bell ring and I meet up with my only friend, Anabella. "Hey how'd it go?" She asks as we walk outside to our usual spot. "The usual." I mutter, sitting against our tree. "Hey well atleast today is Harry's last day." She says, sitting next to me. Tomorrow Harry is auditioning for the X Factor. "I know.." The bell rings and I give Anabella a quick hug and walk back inside the school. The school day ends and I walk home till I get to my driveway. I stead of going inside, I go to the trail that leads to a public park. I pick up my guitar and strum a few chords. I start playing payphone and sing along. I am so into the music that I dont even notice a crowd forming. As soon as I finish the song everyone applauds and toss money into my case. A man in a suit walks up to me and hands me a card. "You were amazing ma'am, please contact, it will do you good." He says nodding at me before walking off. And this is how my dream started.
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