I Don't Know if it is True Love

A girl, from the state of Ohio, finds out she has to move to England with her Aunt Emily and doesn't want to leave her friends or family. She is a little excited because what if she ran into one of the most popular boy bands in the world, One Direction.


4. The Party

           We got to the house. It wasn't that far from my aunts house. We walked to the door and I rang the doorbell, a pretty girl answered the door and introduced herself to me.

"Hi, I'm Gemma. And you are?"

"I'm Niranda with a 'N'."

"A 'N'? Well that is creative!"

We entered the house and hung up our jackets we went to the living room and there a mom, a dad, and it looked like possibly a step-dad. There were other people too, and they looked familiar. I looked over and there was a stage there must be a concert or something.

"Oh you must be Miranda!"

"Um actually it's Niranda with a N."

"Oh well then, Niranda,I'm Anne Cox."

Anne Cox why was that so familiar? I can't think! It is driving me crazy!!!!

"Do you want to come to my room?" Gemma said

"Sure." We walked down the hall and entered he room her room was a normal sized room.

"What do you like to do for fun?" she asked

"I play the piano and other instruments."

"Like what intruments?"

"I can play piano, trumpet, trumbone, gutair, bass gutair, electric gutair, violin, french horn, tuba, saxophone..." This went on for like 25 more minutes. I can seriously play these instruments at home I have a whole room of just my instuments.

"Wow that is a lot!" we went back down the hall and into the kitchen she asked if I wanted anything and I replied no. This house was pretty big too the only thing that is bothering me is where have I seen these people and heard the names! Then I heard the door creak and turned around.I almost passed out.


 Book 2: I Don't Know if it is True Love:The First Sight

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