I Don't Know if it is True Love

A girl, from the state of Ohio, finds out she has to move to England with her Aunt Emily and doesn't want to leave her friends or family. She is a little excited because what if she ran into one of the most popular boy bands in the world, One Direction.


2. Last Goodbyes

          We were walking towards the last gate, gate 40. I looked over at Dexterr and her eyes were filled with tears.

"Dexterr, don't cry I'll only be gone for 3 months."

"I know but, your my sister and I'm afraid something will happen to you."

"Oh come on Dexterr nothing will happen." I looked at Millaince and Alaxzandria and I could see they were about to cry too.

"Gate 40 is now ready to board! Gate 40 is now ready to board!" said they lady on the intercom.

"That's you" said Alaxzandria

We all hugged and we were crying. I said my goodbyes and turned around and started towards the plane. I can't believe I'm not going to see my own sisters for 3 months! I looked back at them they were crying and waving at the same time and I boarded the plane.

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