I Don't Know if it is True Love

A girl, from the state of Ohio, finds out she has to move to England with her Aunt Emily and doesn't want to leave her friends or family. She is a little excited because what if she ran into one of the most popular boy bands in the world, One Direction.


1. The News

          "I don't want to move to England! What about my sisters? I want my sisters with me!!!!!" I screamed.

"I understand this,but they can't we don't have the money and you have to keep your Aunt Emily company."

"Where does she live in England?"

"She said in Cheshire."

"What if you ran into One Direction?" said Millaince

Millaince Bonn, my sister, she is one of the middle children.I'm the oldest in the family and our dad died in 2005 and our mom was murdered by our grandpa, so we live with our Aunt Dawn, Aunt Melinda,Aunt Dawnell, Aunt Sherri,Uncle Jim, Uncle Brian,Uncle Chad, and Uncle Denni.

"And what about shopping? You could find awesome clothes, and see really cute boys!!!!!!" Dexterr said.

Dexterr my younger sister is all about fashion and she is a total diva. She is one of the most popular girls in school and she always turns boys down because she thinks she will meet Niall Horan and marry him. Ha like that will happen.

"SPARKLES SPARKELS SPARKELS!!!!!!! Look for sparkeley things!!!" said Alaxzandria

Alaxzandria is the youngest out of us and is a sparkle freak!  The only thing she says most of the time is Sparkles. She is also very Random the other day we were talking about what we gonna do for Dexterr and Millaince's birthday party since they are non-identical twins and she said, 'When I grow up, I want to be a unicorn!' Pretty random huh?

"Guys I'm supposed to move to England to be there for my Aunt not to shop or look for guys. But I will look for One Direction.DUH!"

"Well lets go upstairs pack the rest of your things, and head to the airport to let you go." said Dexterr


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