He's gone

I am crying just thinking about this. Please no hate. Thanks


5. Chapter 5

Adrienne's POV

I could feel someone's spirit in here. I am also a physic if you were wondering. Just then my stepdad barging in.


"DONT YOU DARE SLAP HER!" Drew shouted as he rushed over to me holding me close to him. Then suddenly I saw Mike (stepdad) on the ground barely breathing.

"Did you do that?" Drew asked me, knowing that I have some type of power to do that.

"No...I can sense a spirit in here...wait actually two..." I responded as I felt another presence, then Drew checked Mike's pulse.

"He is unconcious..." he said as he looked up to me. Suddenly I felt myself being picked up, I looked over to Drew and found him being picked up. Then we were put into a car, both me and Drew in the back...then we started going down the street.

"Adrienne...whats going on?" Drew asked me, as he held my hand.

"There are two spirits...they are taking us somewhere safe." I responded.

"Hello guys...my name is Sammi." one of the spirits said as she came into view, along with the other one.

"And I am Louis Tomlinson." the other one responded, as my face turned shocked...why are they spirits?! Its clear that Louis is real, I mean he is famous!

"I assume that you are a fan?" Louis asked as he faced me from the passangers seat.

"Ya along with Drew." I gestured towards Drew as I said that.

"Its so cool how we have guy Directioners." Louis said.

"Ya...where are you guys taking us?" I asked.

"You guys are going to be living at our flat with us. I will explain everything to Harry." Sammi said.

"Woa! Living with a girl thats not my sister! Thats gonna be so awesome!" Drew exclaimed...him and his perverted mind.

"She is taken." Louis said with a wink. Awe they are together! I knew they would be a cute couple!

"Messed up bro." Drew said jokingly, as we arrived in some weird creepy woods.

"What about the airport?" me, Louis, and Drew asked.

"I have power to transport people anywhere...so that would be a great idea instead of getting weird glances from everyone. Adrienne how is your cheek?" Sammi asked.

"It hurts like hell." I responded as I held it.

"Here...hold Drew's hand as I heal your broken body." Sammi said as she made me hold hands with Drew and started her whole thing.

"Ow!" I yelled as she reached my arm.

"What happened here?" she asked.

"He...cut it...then when I got stitches...he burnt me with a lighter." I responded as I let tears escape. Then suddenly everything went black...she put me to sleep ugh! But I rather this than the pain. I took this time to read peoples minds, in which I could.

'I need to get Sammi to be mine. ADRIENNE STOP READING MY MIND!'-Drew

'I will personally kill Drew if he takes my babe from me. I will make the carrots invade him...then followed by spoons choking him'-Louis

'Adrienne please tell me that you will survive...I put the wrong spell on you...and now you are going to die in...2 hours possibly...'-Sammi


******2 HOURS LATER******

I am still alive...haha in yo face! Haha, but ya Sammi had Drew help with the whole thing, cause he has powers too. Think im crazy when I say 'powers' but im not.

"So...how are we going to tell the guys about this?" I asked them as I woke up.

"I went into Niall's mind and told him to go to the park where we are meeting at and he would see you. I put a picture of you in his mind and he is going to pick you up. All you have to do is convince him to allow Drew to come." Louis responded, just as my phone rang...it was Mike.



'Do you know a girl named Adrienne and a guy named Drew?'

'I saw them get ran over by a mob of people who were going to do Christmas shopping...then they died.'

'Good. Thank you... im going to go now.'


-End of Conversation-

"Who was that?" Drew asked.

"That was...Mike." I responded, as I got my American accent back from doing a fake British accent.

"Its not even Christmas..." Louis said confused.

"Exactly." I responded, as we arrived at the park. I saw Niall walking up to me. Keep cool Adrienne.

"Hello...you look lost...whats that bruise mark on your arm?" Niall asked.

"Uhm...it was my step dad...do you know of any hotel I could stay at with my brother?" I asked as I gestured towards Drew.

"Ya...you can stay at mine...I kinda need some people around now that my bestfriends have died." he responded.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"Im in a band with 4 others...and well one of them died...and the others committed suicide just yesterday." he responded as tears fell down his face like never before.

"You will get them back...trust me." I said.

"How?!" he sobbed out, as I gave him a hug.

"Just trust me." I whispered.

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