He's gone

I am crying just thinking about this. Please no hate. Thanks


3. Chapter 3

*****NOBODY'S POV*****

Ambulance trucks filled the whole scenary, as they attempted to keep them alive. Nothing was working, so they piled them into the trucks then sped all the way there with the sirens going off. Wee-ooh-wee-ooh.

'We have to make it' were the only words that stayed in Sammi's and Louis' head. They have friends and family who depend on them and everything else. People who look up to them as there inspiration. As soon as they made there way inside the hospital people were already calling Sammi's parents along with Louis'. They also called the other guys...but nothing. Nobody answered. Little did the people know that everybody were going through hard times.

I mean Danielle breaking up with Liam...Nando's going out of business...Harry's family died....and Zayn well all the mirrors shrinked to where he couldnt see himself...everything all happened at the same time. Its like everything was planned, but it wasnt.

"Hey guys...where are Sammi and Louis?" Liam asked.

"Ya they should be back already." Harry said, as he checked his phone along with the others.

"I have a call from...Ambula....ance....I wonder who that is..." Niall said.

"Thats the ambulance! They said that they got into a car crash and....didnt survive." Liam said as he respoke what was said through the phone.

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