He's gone

I am crying just thinking about this. Please no hate. Thanks


2. Chapter 2

"Louis...wanna go somewhere today? Just you and me?" I asked Louis.

"Ya, dress fancy." he responded as he pecked my lips one last time. Oh yay, I get to wear a dress now. Just what I wanted to wear *sarcasm*.

"I dont like dresses." I complained.

"For me?" he asked.

"Fine. Since I love you I will." I replied, as we stood up and began getting ready. It was already like 10:30pm, and we were the only ones awake. I left a note for the guys.

-hey me and lou are going to be out if we are not back by 5am, come look for us. x sammmmmmmmmay-

"Ready Sammi?" Louis asked me.

"Ya." I responded as we left the house.

"You are so beautiful." Louis said as he took my hand.

"And you are handsome." I said as I kissed him, I then sat back in my seat.

"WATCH OUT!" I yelled...then everything went black.

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