He's gone

I am crying just thinking about this. Please no hate. Thanks


1. Chapter 1

"That was amazing!" I exclaimed as I faced him.

"I know it was! We should do it again!" he said.

"Haha I am so tired though." I complained.

"Please just one more time?" he begged.

"Fine." I gave in.

I slowly picked up the marker as he picked up another mirror. I uncapped the marker and began doodling. By the time I was finished there were smiley faces, hearts, and squiggly lines.

I looked at the time and realized that it was already 2:30am, I turned to face Louis.

"Your staying here tonight." he said.

"Fine." I said as I collapsed on the ground.

"Your not sleeping there silly." he said.

"Then your moving me. Im not going to be moving." I said, then suddenly I was lifted up onto the bed, and he laid next to me.

"Can I tell you something?" he asked.

"Ya, what is it?" I asked.

"I-I love you." he stuttered. I had no idea that the Louis Tomlinson would fall for me.

"I-I love you too." I admitted, as we both leaned in and kissed.

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