"He couldn't take his eyes off her, the beat of the bass powering him to do new things that he had never thought of doing. The way she moved caused his hands to sweat, body to shake and an overwhelming heatto rush through his bones every time he looked at her.." WARNING: smut, smut, smut.


1. Prolouge

"Wilson, in here. Now!" 

His voice boomed through the tiny workplace, entering every office and returning to me. I hated when he called me Wilson. Pairs of eyes found a place on my face to stare at through the glass walls as I made my way down the hall towards my boss. It wasn't unusual for me to be getting into some sort of trouble here, since Hagan -- my boss -- absolutely despised me. I could see him from my point in the hall, sitting in his big brown leather chair that sat behind a desk near the corner of the room. My fist hit the door gently, and he made a tiny gesture with his finger to enter. 

"Sir?" His hands crossed in front of him on his cherry wood desk, creating a small thud that echoed through the room. He motioned for me to sit down with his head, a small flick of his nostrils with every breath. I flipped my hair back with my hand and walked towards him, careful not to step on his white carpet he hated to get dirty. He stood as I sat, and walked towards the wall pulling a curtain that shielded us from the nosy employees. He turned back so his blue eyes burned into mine, leaning against his desk in front of me careful not to untidy the papers that made neat stacks around the table top. 

"You do realize, that this," he reached behind his back and pulled out a newspaper article with me plastered on the front of it, "could get you fired?" I took the paper from his hands and read the headline that was typed in a dark font. "Kara Wilson gets a bit too tipsy …again!" I rolled my eyes just thinking about the arrogant reporters that think they know everything. They see something, and exaggerate it so far it doesn't even seem true!

"Hagan, I only had a couple glasses of vodka. That's all! Besides, I needed a break from all this! The paparazzi follow me around like puppies and it's stressful. You can't actually believe this -- I mean -- they blow everything out of proportion and you know that!" He shook his head and let out a breath of frustration. 

"Wilson, we can't have this anymore. You keep doing this, and it's bringing our business down. Yeah, we always will have kids watching, since we are Disney. But parents will find out about their kids watching a young woman that is in the paper every time she goes out for some 'fun'! You're an actress, not an alcoholic. Its time you start playing your part as the role model kids want to see!" I crossed my legs together and placed my hands on my knees, staring him down smugly. 

"I'm not the only one who acts like this, Hagan. Don't put this all on me," 

"Wilson, just do your job. Just hold yourself together until our leave. It's in two weeks, you can manage," My eyes shut as I nodded my head, and slowly stood up. I pulled my skirt down and arranged it the correct way on my hips, and ran a hand around my waist to make sure my blouse was tucked in. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=64239013). I started towards the door while Hagan pulled the curtain back to its corner. "Kara,"

I stopped and turned to smile at Hagan, "Sir?"

"Just do your job," I laughed half-heartedly, since I was told that everyday of the year. I nodded my head and walked out, moving fast paced. Everyones eyes turned back to me, making my own roll in ignorance. The click of my heels were the only sound in the office, until I got to the break room. 

"Jess," I smiled warmly at my best friend of ten years, we started working here together and plan to finish together. She looked up from her warm cup of coffee and returned the gesture, closing her book and standing.

"K! I thought he fired you," she said while walking to the coffee pot and pouring me a glass. She added two sugars and one cream, just the way I liked it. 

"I thought he was going to, but he just gave me the usual 'do your job' speech again. He couldn't afford to lose me, since he knows we're a package deal and the company would be lost without us," I pointed back and forth between me and her while she handed me the white ceramic cup. I nodded my head in thanks and she laughed. 

"It is true, and the kids love us!" I winked at her and took a sip of the steaming liquid, immediately regretting it after it burnt my tongue. Jess nodded her head and smiled at me, rolling her eyes in amusement. 

"How much longer until your break is over? I was about to go to lunch until he called me into the hellhole," Jess looked at the old clock that hung on the wall above the refrigerator. 

"About forty-five, lets go out! I need a break from the usual glass walls and grey carpet," I nodded and giggled, pulling her up from the plastic chairs that were provided around the white table that sat in the middle of the white room. 

"Let me just get my bag. How does Panera sound?" She moaned out in agreement, since Panera Bread was our favorite restaurant in existence. To our luck, there was one that had recently opened only ten minutes away from the workplace. She followed me to the office we shared, since Hagan had actually agreed, in our surprise. Jessica and I share everything, our office, our loft, our clothes, everything. We had moved a lot, starting in Seattle and eventually ending up in Doncaster. After two years, we moved back to the United States, finding home in New York. Jessica's family was unspeakably close with mine. Our older brother and sister actually went out, and still are -- so we know -- to this day. We don't hear much from them, since they do live across the country. Every once in a while, Jess or I will get an email from one of our family members, updating the two of us on all of their lives. It was hard at times, not seeing them but we quickly adjusted. 

As we walked over towards our separate desks, we found our purses piled under millions of papers, which I have no idea why we needed them because we act for a living. Jessica checked her appearance in the mirror, all though, she didn't need to. She stood about 5'8, with shoulder length straight blonde hair that framed her face quite nicely. She had a face that could be an angels, nose perfectly placed on her face and dotted with a few freckles. Her lips were a pale pink color, much similar to mine, and they were full. She had dark eyebrows, they looked marvelously good and they added a 'pop' to her features. Her eyes were captivating, an ice blue that made every guy melt. She was easy on the eyes, and she knew it too. I was similar in many ways, our faces pretty much the same but little things were different. I had no freckles, and was a tiny bit tanner than her. My hair fell to my middle back in waves of auburn brown. My eyes, they were unusual and Jessica always became jealous of the color. They were a stormy grey, but at the same time a light blue. Mixed together, they were beautiful. I stood the same height as Jessica, but our bodies were much different. We both had curves, but Jessica's were 'smoother' than mine. Our legs stretched for miles, and it was hard to wear heels but we did it anyway.

"Want me to drive," Jess said while running a hand through her hair and I shrugged.

"Sure, I don't mind," she nodded and told me she'd get the car while pushing out of the room and into the hallway. I followed suit, checking over myself in the mirror that hung on the only non-glass wall in the building quickly. She had held the elevator for me, and I walked a little faster to catch it. "Thanks for waiting," I laughed and she giggled, pressing the 'L' button as we descended to the lobby.






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