"He couldn't take his eyes off her, the beat of the bass powering him to do new things that he had never thought of doing. The way she moved caused his hands to sweat, body to shake and an overwhelming heatto rush through his bones every time he looked at her.." WARNING: smut, smut, smut.


3. Chapter Two

I looked at the round clock hanging on the wall in the office, and groaned. An hour until I can go home and take a bubble bath.The stack of papers on my desk had been read through over and over again, well at least the first couple paragraphs. It was hard to focus, I couldn't get him out of my head. My fingers tapped the desk obliviously and Jessica looked up from her reading.

"What's wrong, K? You've been acting strange since lunch! Is it that boy," she wiggled her perfectly plucked eyebrows up and down and I threw my head back in annoyance. 

"No, Jessica. It's not that stupid boy," I sighed and looked out the window, running my hands through my hair. Although I had a good act, she could tear me to pieces and figure out what I was thinking. She stood, the leather chair behind her rolling back on the carpet as she walked towards me. I gulped, trying not to make eye contact.

"Then what's wrong?" She sat in one of the black suede chairs that sat in front of my desk and crossed her legs slowly. I propped my weight onto my elbow and rolled my eyes.

"You were right, it's him. Not just him though, its also all of this work! Hagan's been on my case for a month now and it sucks. I just need a break," I sighed during my last word, stretching the length of it until all air escaped my mouth. Jessica giggled and walked back over to her desk.

"That's what I thought. After eight, I'll see if Harry wants to go to a club with us, maybe? How does that sound?" That sounded great, but I couldn't get caught again. The paparazzi would always be nosing their selves around, into my business. Next thing I know, its in the paper as me getting drunk! 

"I don't know," I closed my eyes and took deep breaths, trying so hard to focus and listen to Hagan. Then again, I did need a drink. I shot up out of my chair in a sudden energy boost, "all right, scratch that. I'm in!" Jess tilted her head back and laughed, her body shaking with the pure sound. She pulled her phone out of the Prada purse that sat under her desk, and typed a message to Harry, I would believe. 

"I'm excited, this should be amazing," She exhaled in excitement, probably in her element because of Harry. Well, fuck that! Settle down with a man my ass. Tonight, I'm getting laid by an amateur, and I'm going to try to enjoy it. I smirked at the thoughts running through my head, and Jessica rolled her eyes.

"Kara, please. No sex tonight," I snorted and walked towards the wide window that gave us a city view and stretched my arms out. 

"Same for you, whoreo," Jessica laughed at the nickname I had given her when we lived in Doncaster. We were eating a pack of Oreo's with Harry, and his accent was so weird that when he said 'Oreo', my ears heard it as 'whoreo'. That never got old, and I'll always remember that.

"Oh shut up," she laughed and started putting her papers away into her desk, organizing them neatly by color. I looked at the clock, and with fifteen minutes left I couldn't wait to leave. I quickly threw my papers into my desk, hoping it would be at least some-what organized so I could find the stuff next week. Jessica had finished up, she was brushing the glass desktop with her hand to get any remaining atoms she had missed. Jessica was a clean freak, and claimed to see things that weren't there. It was hilarious at times, but other times it was just plain odd. I pulled the key to the office out from my purse and threw it to Jessica, who caught it as she walked behind me. I pushed open the glass door, the cold surface making me shiver a bit and Jessica followed me while locking the door when it slammed closed. We waved to our employees as we left, who were in the midst of cleaning their things too. 

"When we get home, I call the bathtub first," Jessica groaned and slapped me playfully as we boarded the elevator and descended to the lobby. 


The clack of high heels on wood woke me from my daze, and I groaned. I felt clean, and relaxed, but I couldn't get a couple minutes of damn sleep? 

"Jessica, if you're trying to wak-," I turned around and saw Jessica, dressed in a beautiful gold and plum dress, a sparkling gold bust and a plum colored chiffon flowing bottom. She had a black coat over her shoulder, and a plum clutch in her hand which had gold rings and bracelets that made her skin color look extravagant. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=64421453). Jessica blushed when I stood up and walked over to her, and I was awe struck. She never dressed up this fancy for anyone, but Harry.

"Jess, you look great! Harry's going to love it," I smiled warmly at her and she hugged me gently. She slid her phone into the clutch and walked towards the door.

"Thanks, K. Remember, be ready around 8:30. Harry and I will come pick you up! Oh, and some of Harry's friends are going to be there. Is that okay? Well, actually, I guess it's too late to decide," she smiled at me and I rolled my eyes in amusement, "but anyway, I'm off. See you soon, lady!" She ran out the door before she got a chance to get my answer.

"Have fun, whoreo," I shrugged and walked back over to my spot on the large couch. I turned on Netflix and found a good movie, which I watched and had a good laugh. It was my favorite, "The Jerk Theory." I had eventually got up and made some popcorn, which pleased me because of the buttery goodness in each bite. I really had nothing to do, and the movie had killed a couple hours. It was 6:40, and I might as well just go pick something to wear. I never pick out outfits this early, but tonight I guess I should at least try to look presentable. Usually for me, it's a spur of the moment ordeal, but for Jess, everything is planned at least two days in advance. I decided on a slim red strapless dress that came to my mid thigh, and outlined each and every part of my body. It was my favorite dress, a Christmas present from my good friend about a year ago. I dragged my feet along the plush carpet that mounted the floor, slowly making my way to the bathroom that connected to both me and Jessica's room. Our loft was an interesting design, the first thing seen while entering is the kitchen. It was marvelously big, with dark granite countertops and light oak wood cabinets. Windows sat all along the wall, offering a beautiful view of the New York City skyline during the night. Through the kitchen, both me and Jessica's room had different doors that led to giant rooms with king size beds that sat carelessly in the corners. In that, the large bathroom connected with double sink and double closet, one for the each of us.

I searched the cabinets, pulling out my dark black curling iron that could create soft curls in my thick, bodiful hair. While it heated up, I applied my foundation and moisturizer, clearing my face up from any unseen blemishes. I carefully applied my makeup, fluttering my eyes so my eyelashes hit my brow bone.   My hair curled easily, and I finally had finished the boring task that had to be done. I checked over my figure in the mirror, and hurried back into the bedroom to pull my dress on. It fit beautifully, if I do say so myself, and I loved the way it could tease anyone into thinking what I hid underneath it. I looked at the digital wood clock that sat on my dresser and it read '7:40'. I bit my lip as I looked over myself in the tall mirror, deciding what color to pair up with this charmer. Black and gold. Sorting through my jewelry box, a set of black and gold accessories sat at the bottom of the felt lined antique. I slipped on some glittering gold heels and I was ready to go. (http://www.polyvore.com/karas_outfit/set?id=64422673). It was around 8:00 and I guess it was time to 'hit the club'. I shut the lights off in each room, leaving the stove light on and grabbed my keys that hung from a rack near the window. I quickly shut the door behind me and started towards the lower parking level, pulling my black coat over my shoulders. The night was cool, the moon trying to peek its way through the covering of rough city lights. The wind blew in gentle gusts that caused my hair to blow, and my hands to shake. I unlocked my black Mercedes and hopped in, turning it on quickly to get some sort of heat. The engine made no sound as I pulled out of the garage smoothly and started down the street towards the club. It wasn't that far away, only about ten minutes...depending on New York traffic. As always, there were rows of cars flooding the streets, but it wasn't that slow. I wonder what Harry's friends are like. Maybe they're actually nice decent guys. Even if they're British. I rolled my eyes as I pulled up to the curb of the club, I could hear the pumping bass outside. I opened the door and pushed myself out, grabbing my coat and keys while trying not to flash the crowd that had gathered around the doors. I shut the door with a careful heel, and it slammed shut behind me as I walked towards the doors. It was very crowded, a lot of people had gathered in front of the doors to get in. Probably someone famous was here, besides Jessica. The flashing lights above the door said Pacha club. I'd been here plenty of times, now becoming more aquatinted as I walked through the throng of people and getting shoved every once in a while. The large man at the door towered probably over 6'2, he was giant. He was a heavy set olive colored man, with a charming smile and buzzed hair cut. 

"Bill," I smiled at him warmly and he opened the silver metallic door and smiled.

"Ms. Wilson! Haven't seen you in a while, enjoy your night!" He gestured into the club and I rubbed his arm quickly before walking in. The red velvet walls that created a slight barrier from the club's actual entrance gave me some time to get into a better mood. I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and pushed through a second set of doors. Bright colored lights swam through the dark room, with millions of people dancing throughout the center of the floor. A woman at the door told me she'd take my coat to the coat room, and I smiled and gave it to her warmly. My dress in its full glory, I made my way to the bar that swarmed with amateur kids looking for some fun. I blushed as men turned away from the tramps they were grinding on, and admired me. I slid up onto a red bar stool and smiled at the bartender, who was probably about 24 or 25. He had blonde hair that sat just above his eyes that were dark green in the dark lighting of the club. He smiled as I sat down, and wiped his hands off on a rag that hung out of his pants.

"Hello miss, what can I get for you?" 

"How about ...some patron with cranberry and lime? Thanks," I smiled and looked away quickly, anxiously looking for Jess. I couldn't see her at all. The bartender brought my drink to me and I smiled and took it away while sipping it. The patron hit me all at once, maybe a bit too much. I squinted my eyes shut and let it slide down my throat before taking another sip. Dancing people hit me right and left, causing the liquid to slosh in the glass cup. A guy came up behind me and pressed his crotch against my butt, and I reeled back. "Get your bloody crotch off me, bastard," I sneered and he backed up, glaring before walking into the crowd. I rolled my eyes and set my cup down at a high table top that seemed to be open. 

"Kara!" I turned around and saw Jess running towards me, attempting not to get knocked over by oncoming people. She reached me and I hugged her smiling.

"Jess! How's your date," I wiggled my eyebrows and suddenly was being pulled along and I quickly grabbed my drink before it was too late. I was dragged through the people as they parted in two, and up a set of stairs. Jess whispered to a large man standing at yet another set of doors, and he opened one as we climbed through it. "What the hell? Where are we," I looked around and took another sip of my drink. 

"V.I.P lounge. And my date is going great! You'll never believe who Harry actually is," I rolled my eyes and leaned against the velvet wall.

"Enlighten me," Jess snorted and I laughed.

"They're One Direction! Can you believe it!" she shrieked and my mouth opened slightly. No wonder the people outside the entrance. 

"That explains the crowd," I smugly said as Jess started to move again and I followed suit. We entered a dimly light room that had blue and purple lights hanging from the ceiling. The carpet was black and the walls were mirrors that reflected clads of royal colors. It was quite beautiful, and I probably stood around staring at it for a while. Jess had left my side and I panicked. I saw her sitting at a table of five boys, four brunettes and one half blonde. Keep your cool, Kara. They're just people. I smiled and walked towards them, and they all stood. Jess grabbed my arm gently and pulled me closer to her.

"Guys, this is Kara! She works with me and we're great friends. Kara, this is Harry," she pointed to a tall boy with dark curls and amazingly attractive green eyes. He smiled and a dimple showed on one side. "Liam and Niall," her finger gestured to a boy with a buzz cut and brown eyes, and a boy with the half blonde hair and intriguing blue eyes smiled, his teeth sporting braces. I thought they looked good. "Zayn," he said hello and his amber colored eyes shined, causing my head to cock to the right for some reason. His dark hair rose high above his head, but it looked classy. "and Louis," she turned me so I faced him, and my mouth dropped open as a subtle gasp escaped my lips. It was him. His blue eyes smiled at me though his mouth was a straight line, and I liked that. His hair was the same style as Zayn's, except much more low-key. All my feelings shot back into my body as if someone injected them with a needle. I closed my mouth in embarrassment and turned back towards the other boys.

"Well, hi, its nice to meet you all," I smiled warmly at them and they nodded. Jess shimmed into the booth that they had inhabited and told me to sit next to her. 

"So Kara, beer or vodka?" Zayn asked while taking a sip of his Bud. The other boys chuckled and I joined in, getting more comfortable. 

"I like a good cold beer, but I gotta love my vodka," they laughed and I smirked. 

"Not like she drinks it a lot," Jess snorted sarcastically and I hit her leg. That wasn't necessary. "Ow, K!" I rolled my eyes smugly at her and she laughed. 

"Sorry, didn't mean too," I smiled at her and she rolled her eyes right back at me. I looked around the table at the boys and cocked my head to the side. "So, you're One Direction, yeah?" I took a sip of my drink and they nodded. 

"The one and only," Niall said while eating what seemed to be a corn dog. I don't remember them having corn dogs at clubs...

"And you're from England? Why are you here," I said a little more rudely than I had liked and but they didn't seem to notice. 

"We have some work to do down here, in New York. We're here for a couple months, but after that we go back to England," Harry said while looking straight at Jessica, who seemed to be in heaven. I felt a kick under the table and I reared back, about to scream when I made eye contact with Louis. He looked towards the bar and back at me about five times. Oh, he wants me to go to the bar.

"I'll be right back," I smiled and stood up. I made sure my dress wasn't falling down and walked over to the wooden countertops that were decorated by blue and purple lights. I sat down at one of the barstools and waited. A minute or so later, I felt warmth from another body that wasn't mine. I looked up, and it was him. He smirked at me, his eyes doing all the talking. "Can I help you with something," I rolled my eyes in annoyance as he got situated in the chair. 

"Do you want a drink," he asked curiously as the bartender walked towards us, pulling out her pad of paper and pen. 

"Sure, I'll ha-," 

"Two 502's please," I shot him a look and exhaled a bit angrily. 

"You won't let me order my own drink? What a gentlemen," I rolled my eyes sarcastically and he chuckled.

"You do that a lot, Kara," he said softly and I snorted. 

"You don't say," 

"Why do you have such a problem with me? I did nothing wrong," he curiously asked, his eyes reflecting my own. To be honest, I didn't have a legit answer. He really did nothing wrong, and I had never even meet him before. But for some reason, I felt like I had this grudge that I had been holding on him for so long, yet I never knew him. Maybe it was because I wanted to fuck hi-no. No, no, not this again, Kara.

"Uh, I don't know," He let out a breath that seemed as if he was laughing but I could tell he wasn't.

"Is it because I'm in a band?" I laughed loudly, probably a bit to loud. I had fucked so many band members, it wasn't even funny. So that wasn't the problem. The waitress brought back our drinks and I held mine in hand.

"No, no. That's not it. I'm really not sure why I don't like you. It's just this vibe you set off," he shrugged and gave me a look, eyeing me down.

"I'm not the only one that gives off a 'vibe'," he snorted and I stood while pulling my drink with me. 

"Look, thanks for the drink, but before this is dumped all over your head, I'm going to go sit down," I started walking and he followed suit, catching up next to me. 

"You don't remember me, do you?" I squinted at him and turned to face him. What the hell was he talking about, remember him? I'd only seen him at a cafe for lunch today. No where else.

"What the hell are you talking about," I started walking again and he sighed and began to catch up, yet again.

"We used to-," 

"There you are, we were starting to get worried!" Liam said as we approached the table, his face in a worried expression. I smiled and turned to look at Louis, who was looking down at his feet. I slid into the booth and sipped my drink which tasted surprisingly good. As we talked more, I grew to like the boys. Besides Louis, at least. We had started a hilarious game of Truth or Dare, which involved Zayn having to lick the gum underneath the bar which was disgusting and Niall pulling his shirt off and dancing on a table. 

"All right, Kara, truth or dare?" I rolled my eyes in amusement as I chugged the rest of my drink down at the obvious answer. 

"Dare," the boys made noises of surprise and I laughed along with Jessica. 

"I dare you too..." Harry started and looked at the rest of the boys who started to think. Zayn's face light up in excitement and I gulped excitedly.

"Oh! I dare you too bring someone home tonight," he winked and I laughed hysterically. Not because it was funny, but because that was my plan in the first place.

"You wouldn't know this, but that's the only reason why I'm here," each boy stopped laughing and stared at me in awe. I smirked and stood up, pulling the bust of my dress up as I did. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to dance," I screamed as I finished off the rest of my drink and ran a hand through my hair that had grown messy and unkept. Everyone else screamed in acceptance and filed out in excitement. I ran as quickly as I could in my heels, careful not to trip down the stairs. I heard a bunch of other loud and noisy footsteps follow me and I quickly yanked the door open, trying not to get trampled. We all laughed and ran down the stairs, people actually recognizing who we were. The two Disney stars and One Direction. Chaos erupted in the club, each girl in each state of mind screaming. I rolled my eyes and walked towards the dance floor as a hard, powering bass song came on the over the speakers. I smirked and made my way towards a guy that looked about 19 or 20 with dark hair that was in a crew cut. I winked at him and turned around, pressing my butt lightly against his crotch. He grabbed my hips and I started to move them in circles while the beat of the music powered us. I held on to his neck as he pressed against me harder, and then turned me around. His crotch pressed against my own, and I felt a bit shocked that he took the move before me. I closed my eyes and let the music take control, until all contact with this boy was gone. My eyes shot open as familiar blue eyes appeared in front of me. I groaned and sighed, my body posture dropping. 

"Louis, what the hell," 

"I don't want other guys dancing with you like that," I started to roll my eyes but stopped myself, realizing I did do that a bit excessively. 

"You're not my boyfriend, you can't control who I can and can't dance with," His hands found my hips and his body pressed against mine to the point his nose was lightly touching mine. I was bound to object against his movement, but quickly decided against it. I was frozen in his eyes, the depth and color in them was outstanding, even in this lighting. "I-I," My words had run dry, and he smirked at me. He spun me around and pulled my hips back towards his, warmth running through my body. I could suddenly move again, and think my own thoughts. His body moved against mine, and I practically went wild at just the thought of it. I leaned back on him as I grinded into him, and held onto the back of his neck. 

"Did you complete your dare," he cooed into my ear just above the noise level of a whisper. I shrugged and turned towards him.

"I thought I did, but you shooed him away," Louis laughed and I half smiled, my dimple appearing on my face.

"I didn't want him to be the one," he winked and pulled me closer, if that was possible. Every part of my body was on his, and unbearably it made me sweat. A new song came on, and every girl screamed out once again. Probably one of One Direction's songs, my smug thoughts echoed through my brain. Louis looked around, eyeing the crazed fans and smiling. The overpowering chorus started up, and everyone sang along. I let my breath fall on his neck, and he shivered subtly enough that only I could tell. He pulled me through the crowd and towards the V.I.P hallway, much to my approval. The music traveled through the doors and it didn't take me long to get the lyrics down, to the chorus at least. He pushed me gently against the velvet wall and pinned me against it, his arms holding my body against his own. 

"Louis," I gasped out as he traced patterns into my arms.

"Yes, love," he whispered while staring into my eyes causing me to melt. My insides went whack, and it was a terrible feeling.

"Quiero que me oscila," I whispered into his ear in Spanish, a language I had somewhat grown up with. He eyed me in wonder, biting on his lip which made him look extremely fuckable. 

"You want me to rock you?" He smirked and one of his eyes squinted a bit. I kissed his jaw and exhaled a quick, "Please" as he kissed my neck and picked me up, carrying me to the nearby restrooms. 





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