"He couldn't take his eyes off her, the beat of the bass powering him to do new things that he had never thought of doing. The way she moved caused his hands to sweat, body to shake and an overwhelming heatto rush through his bones every time he looked at her.." WARNING: smut, smut, smut.


4. Chapter Three


The swinging door slammed into the hard cinder block wall behind us as I pushed into the girl's washroom. Everyone had cleared out, the door slamming shut behind them as Kara slammed against the wall yet again. Her kisses felt like crack, making exhilarating energy run through my body and bones. I left wet sloppy kisses down her neck and to the point where her bust got in the way. Her skin was warm, but cool enough to give me spots (goosebumps, as you Americans call them) up my spine. She let her head fall back, eyes shut as it gently hit the wall with a soft thud. Her mouth hung agape, moans escaping from her lips as I sucked her thin and ravishing neck. I started to pull her tight red dress down, fidgeting with the zipper when she placed her hands on mine, pulling them off.

"Something wrong?" I exhaled, and she nodded her head while placing a hasty kiss on my jaw.

"Take me to your flat," she whispered in my ear while giving it a quick nip and I nodded dumbly, letting her movement control my own. She wiggled her bum out of my hands, landing on the tile floor with a silent click as her heels hit the ceramic. My hand found hers hungrily, as we sped out of the washroom and towards the booth we had earlier been seated at.

"Grab your purse," I watched her patiently as she leaned across the table, hands searching for her black clutch that had recently found home in her hand. Her breast fell slightly, the dress cutting my eyes short of a nicer view that I would have killed to seen. She pulled herself back up, clutch in hand as she wrapped her arm around my waist and waited for me to walk. I held her close, threading her through the throng of people as we left the lounge. The other boys walked up the hallway, Jessica clinging to Harry with sweat running down the couples forehead. 

"Mate, where are you going? Is everything all right," Zayn eyes quickly ran over my arm draped around Kara's body, a smirk growing on his face as I rolled my eyes.

"Kara's not feeling good, I'm going to take her back to our place. That all right, Harry?" I shot the curly haired boy a look, and his green eyes bore into mine in complete understanding. 

"Yeah, okay. That's fine, do you need the car?" I ran a hand through my hair impatiently, dying to get home and fuck the shit out of her. Her arm tightened around my waist, and slid down slowly to my bum giving it a subtle squeeze as I spoke.

"I-no, we have her car. I'll see you at the flat, and Jessica I'll probably see you too," I smiled as Jessica laughed absent-mindedly and Harry blushed while sending me a glare of annoyance. "Later, boys," I winked at the group as I walked through them, holding Kara in my arms as her body was almost completely limp in them.

"Louis, you don't even know what I want to do to you right now," she winked and gave my neck a quick but wet nip, and I chuckled as we made our way to the coat room. Young girls started screaming if I even came close to them, which I eyed cautiously trying to avoid being attacked viciously by unhealthily obsessive fans. My hands ran up and down her curvy waist, which she swatted away with an agile hand while a smirk appeared on her face. 

"Find your coat," I ordered her sternly as she slowly walked towards the woman working the area. Kara probably had one to many drinks, since she walked in a zig zag line gaining a snigger from me. Her behind looked amazing from here, her back quite toned and a pure olive color. Her waist curved neatly into her hips, making them look outstandingly slim — which they were — as she walked. Her hips swayed graciously as she attempted to stand — and walk — in a classy manner, black coat in hand. She leeched onto my hand as I pulled her out, turning into the hallway and out the door as the roar of people waiting to enter filled my ears. She dug through her clutch, searching for the keys as we neared the black car she had pointed out as her own. The jangle of metal hitting metal signaled she had found them, and I took them from her grip as she slowly slid into the passenger seat. I closed the door and ran to the other side, trying my hardest to not just throw her in the back seat and fuck in the car. The cars here were different then the ones in England, since the British drive on the left instead of the right. In America, it was opposite, causing a whole new deal of trouble for us European boys. Kara's hand found my thigh as I pulled out of the parking lot, and sped into the street towards our temporary flat that we had rented for the two months. The warmth of her hand shot into my member, causing it to slowly harden and my eyes to roll. Great, now I'm the vulnerable one. She giggled as her hand brushed over my bulge, causing me to gasp and fidget in my seat. "Kara, don't be naughty, now," I winked at her and she blushed, turning away from me and crossing her hands politely in her lap.

"Louis," she moaned out and I eyed her down cautiously, my brow raising.

"Yes, love?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm just practicing to when you're pounding my brains out later," she sniggered and I groaned, an immediate heat overcoming my abdomen as it tightened. 

"Fuck, Kara," she giggled and I rolled my eyes, trying hard not to get in a wreck as the heat caused a blur in my vision. The familiar hotel lights that sat next to the private driveway entering our flat and I sighed in pure relief. Kara's grey eyes burned a whole in the side of my face, causing heat to rush to my face in anticipation. I pulled up to the dark cast iron gate that surrounded the large building, typing in a short number code before watching it open. I sped up the driveway and parked carefully in the spot Liam had assigned — since he always needed to be organized — for me. The sound of car doors slamming shut in unison rang through the night air, causing the first noise for what seemed like hours. I ran to the front door, searching my pockets for the keys while Kara started to peel off her jacket. Her dress hung lowly over her breast, sharing glimpses off her black lace bra she had worn for some lucky guy, which had turned out to be me. Skin touched metal and I pulled the keys hurriedly out of my pocket and jammed them into the door, turning them quickly as it swung open. 

A crashing force was immediately thrown upon me, and lips were pressed to mine hungrily. My back pushed against the dark wood door as Kara forced her lips onto mine. She tugged at my crisp blue shirt that had been neatly tucked into my trousers and expelled it to the floor in seconds. Her hands ran over my chest as I kissed her neck, causing slight moans to escape her mouth as I sucked on her sweet skin. 

"Louis," she exhaled powering me to do more, and I reached around her back and slid the zipper down that held it in place. Frustratingly, it wouldn't budge and I broke the kiss.

"Damn it," I groaned as she tore her body off mine and reached behind her back, slowly unzipping the fabric as it swam down her body into a red pool on the floor. My mouth opened slightly as my eyes traveled down her figure, taking in every crevice and definition in her skin. The black lace she had worn gathered in bunches around her beautiful thin figure, tightening around the hips.

"Well, don't just stand there," she smiled slyly, winking at me as she motioned with a slim finger to come closer to her. I felt a lump in my throat as I walked towards her, hungrily grabbing her and hoisting her up onto my hips. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I practically ran up the stairs and to my bedroom at the end of the dark hallway. Her lips latched to my skin, her hands into my hair as I walked on careful not to drop her. Once inside the comforting walls of my temporary room, I kicked the door shut with my foot and dropped her on the bed. I tore the bra off her body — much to her disapproval — and kissed down her neck to her chest. My fingers ran over her nipples as she moaned in pleasure, my tongue flicking and nipping at the hardened skin. Wet kisses traveled down her stomach and around the hem of her panties, my fingers latching into the material slowly. 

"Who made you this wet," I asked in amusement as her core was exposed, and she gasped at the sudden rush of air. 

"Y-You did, Lou-," I stuck a finger inside slowly, moving it around as she interrupted her own sentence with a moan. She bucked her hips forwards and I sniggered, sliding another finger in and pumping them in and out roughly. She gasped for breath, which made me harden as she struggled to speak under my movements. "Lou-louis, I'm goin-g to c-," 

"Hell no, you're not," I smirked at her as my fingers slid out of her and she recovered from her lack of oxygen, glaring at me in anger. She got up onto her knees, and crawled over to me while shaking her long hair out of her face. Her fingers traveled to my belt buckle and she slowly undid it, pulling my grey trousers down until I kicked them off. My bulge was more noticeable now, and she palmed it through my briefs. 

"Louis, look at you. All hard from little 'ole me?" She winked and pulled my briefs down, the exposure to sudden air causing me to grunt. My erection came and slapped me in the stomach, in its full damn glory. Her eyes opened a little more, surprised at my size and I chuckled. 

"Like the view?" I winked at her and she rolled her eyes.

"I've seen better," My brow furrowed in anger and awe, at the remark she had just slipped. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my length into her mouth, letting it hit the back of her throat. She gagged and I eased up, pulling out. Her eyes expressed anger and lust at the same time under her long black eyelashes. I smiled smugly and she took me on,  bobbing her head up and down and pumping the parts she couldn't reach.

"Fuck, Kara," my eyes shut involuntarily, the feeling of tongue on my tip causing me to go wild. I felt an overwhelming heat rise in my abdomen, and I grunted. "Kara, I'm going to fuc-," she stopped, pulling her mouth off of my member and smiled at me. My eyes shot open and I shoved her down on the bed, pulling her legs open and sliding a condom on. I slammed into her, and without giving her time to adjust I moved, thrusting powerfully into her body as she cried out in pain and pleasure. I could tell she started to want it more because her moans became louder and full of lust. "Say — my — name," I exhaled in between thrusts, and she screamed out as her walls became tight around my member. 

"Louis," she breathed out barely audible, and I slammed into her again. 

"Louder," I yelled as my thrusts became harder and longer in time.

"Louis," she screamed as it echoed through the room, through the halls and down the stairs.

"Scream — it — to — the — fucking — world,"

"Louis!" she cried out, as her voice quavered while my length sped in and out of her. The neighbors probably heard that one, I smirked and ran my hands over her nipples once again.

"Lou — Louis — I-I'm — going to-," her hands moved up and down my sides as I pounded in to her.

"Do it, cum for me," I whispered against her ear as her walls pulsated around my dick and her orgasm arrived. It spread through her body, causing a rippling effect throughout her muscles as her toes curled and her cries came to a hush. My orgasm arrived, tearing at my lower stomach as I released inside of her, grunts and profanities escaping my mouth. I rolled over next to her, covering our clammy bodies with the unkept sheets that covered the bed. She shifted towards me, her back against my chest as I spooned her. She fell asleep peacefully, and my hands ran through her hair as I followed suit.



I woke up, shifting uncomfortably as a headache overcame my sense and my eyes scrunched shut. It numbed away, the effects of a hangover taking their righteous place. I sat up and looked around at my surroundings, becoming unknown and a bit scary. I looked next to me, the bed messily unkept from someone recently sleeping in the some-what warm spot. A note was left on the pillow, a lazy scribble with a phone number and a "No strings attached." I rolled my eyes at the pure sarcastic modesty of this boy as memories slowly flooded back into my head. The way his eyes bore into mine before he shoved into me, the way he had teased my body into thinking one thing...wait, where was he? This was his apartment, not mine. I feel like I'm intruding in some way. I peeled the sheets of my body and realized I was naked, the cold gust of wind hitting my body causing me to shiver. I searched around the room for my dress, and found it neatly folded on his dresser with my shoes placed next to it. I ran a hand through my hair lazily as I gathered my lingurie that had been tossed in a pile on the wooden floors. I slid my dress over my body and picked my heels up, carrying them down the stairs. I had no idea where I was going, so I just walked around the house until I heard people talking. I peeped my head in the open kitchen, where Harry, Niall, Zayn and Jessica sat. Harry was cooking and the other boys sat around the island waiting in anticipation. Jessica flipped lazily through a People magazine with the five boys on the cover. I walked awkwardly into the room, stopping behind Jessica.

"K! So you are here," I smiled at Jessica, who got up and hugged me. She had on a large Ramones t-shirt which I was assuming belonged to Harry.

"And you spent the night," I winked at her and she chuckled while swinging an arm at me playfully.

"Kara!" The other boys yelled as I smiled and sat down between Niall and Zayn on a barstool. 

"So you did your dare, I see," Zayn said while eyeing me up and down from my messy sex hair to untidy dress. I rolled my eyes and nodded shyly, while Niall and Harry laughed.

"I had a few too many drinks, all right Mr. Malik," he laughed and set a comforting hand on my bare shoulder, making me feel more at home. I shut my eyes as a wave of pain swept through my head again, and Harry noticed.

"Kara, want some coffee? The ultimate hangover cure," he grinned and I shrugged while letting a giggle escape my mouth. 

"Sure, why not. Have any of you seen Louis?..." I looked around the house, maybe he was sitting on the couch or maybe propped up in a chair but there was no sight of him. Niall snorted and pointed towards the door.

"He's been on a 'run' with Liam for hours. If you ask me, he's just recovering from the good sex he had last night," I blushed and Niall laughed adorably, smiling at me. Harry dished out sausage links and eggs on five plates, one for each of us. He set them in front of all of us, as Jessica got up to give him a kiss. He wrapped her in a hug from behind and the three of us eyed them closely.

"So is this a thing now, or what?" I winked at Jessica and she looked at Harry, turning around to plant another kiss on his lips. They both smiled like they had just gotten married, and I rolled my eyes. I wanted to be happy like that, but then I didn't because I didn't want to be hurt again. 

"Well, it should be, after the screams we heard last night. Oh Harry, faster, please, faster!" Zayn laughed and patted Niall on the shoulder as he about choked on his egg from laughing too hard. I laughed and let my eyes wander the room, admiring the nicely put together piece. The walls were a light caramel color, giving it a nice open and lively feel. Windows lined the front of the house, an earthly light appearing from the outside sun. The furniture in the room next to the kitchen was nice, expensive looking, but nice. A white leather couch sat in the back corner along a wall and a couple of chairs sprinkled throughout the room. A huge Plasma screen TV hung on the wall, much bigger than what I could afford and on it the nine o'clock news played. I watched as Debra Nor broadcasted the story on a firefighter dying in a car accident, and it made me sad to think that someone doing good work for the people of New York died because of one. The dull murmur of her voice faded into the background until I heard my name. "Next on WNV, celebrity Kara Wilson is caught drinking with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction at club last night..."

I stood and walked closer towards the TV, as pictures of me draped onto Louis' shoulder swam across the screen. 

"Shit, shit. Hagan's going to kill me. Jess, I'm screwed," I whined as Jessica came over, her mouth dropped in awe. She put a comforting hand on my shoulder and turned to the boys sending them a face. 

"Is Hagan the boyfriend?..." Zayn asked curiously while biting into a piece of sausage that remained on his plate.

"God, no. He's my boss, and he said if I go out drinking again I'll be fired," I exhaled and took a sip of the coffee that sat in a blue mug. This is the end of my career. Its over, now. I'm going to have to move back to Seattle while Jessica is here living the life of a fucking star-oh, stop thinking that way. Jessica was there too!

"I bet he didn't even see the news," Niall said while giving me a quick, strange hug while attempting to eat a piece of bread in his other hand. I rolled my eyes at the overbearing sympathy in the room.

"Thanks, but I don't need the sympathy. I'm quite fine on my own," I snapped and Niall raised his hands up in surrender and slowly walked back towards the bar. I sighed and immediately noticed I was a bit to harsh. 

"Niall, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so rude," I exhaled and put a hand on his shoulder, running my spare hand through my unclad hair. 

"It's fine, I know you were upset," he smiled and I kissed his cheek gently, but then felt awkward so moved away slowly. I didn't really even know them, but then again it felt like they were my best friends for...my whole life. Niall made kissy faces at me and I rolled my eyes in amusement, laughing. 

"I think they're back," Harry said while wiping his hands off with a dishtowel and straying towards the door. My heart beat faster and I picked up my heels and found my keys that had been hung near the TV. 

"And that's my cue, see you guys. Thanks for breakfast," I waved and walked out the front door, just as Louis walked in. Niall whistled in a low key sound that made things even more dramatic then they actually were. Louis made eye contact with me and winked, and I blushed and walked out the door. I avoided large pebbles in the driveway as I walked towards my car and pulled the door open. Right now,  all I need is to forget this ever happened and take a nice long bubble bath. Yeah, that will do it. I pulled down the long cement road as I drove away from the large mansion, and I swear I saw Louis staring at me through the window of the door.




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