"He couldn't take his eyes off her, the beat of the bass powering him to do new things that he had never thought of doing. The way she moved caused his hands to sweat, body to shake and an overwhelming heatto rush through his bones every time he looked at her.." WARNING: smut, smut, smut.


2. Chapter One

It felt good to finally get out of that cage, especially since it was a nice day in the city. Besides the constant beeping of horns and occasional yell for a taxi, the people seemed to be moving in one wave, all together in one force. Jess called the valet to fetch the car, since the parking lot isn't directly in front of the building. I stretched my arms and shoulders out, since being crammed in that office chair and stuck behind a desk all day was pretty uncomfortable. To be honest, I don't even know why we have those offices. But then again, we do have plenty of contracts and scripts that constantly need reading over so a work area is nice. 

"K, he's got the car," Jess called out to me as she handed the older man a five dollar bill and slipped into the driver's side. I followed behind her and nodded my head at the man who had tucked away the money into his pocket and smiled as he saw too our exit. I pulled open the door to the black car that Jess had recently bought and sat inside. The scent of new leather and Febreeze overcame my nose and I coughed a bit, rolling down my window as Jess pulled out. 

"Jess, what the hell did you spray in here?" She laughed and made sure I saw the roll of her eyes before she pulled her Ray-Ban sunglasses up on her face. She turned on the radio, skipping through channels until she found a good song, one I had never heard of. 

"Oh my god, my favorite song!" She burst out singing the lyrics from the top of her lungs, causing me to flinch. She might be good at a lot of things, but take singing off that list. "Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy, 'til we see the sun! I know we only met but let's pretend its love! And never, never, never stop for anyone! Tonight let's get some, and live while we're young!" I eyed the on-screen radio, the catchy tune making me curious.

"Who's One Direction?" 

"Only the number one most hottest boy band of all time!" I was greeted with an immediate shriek from Jessica, causing me to cover my ears. God, she could be loud. I turned the radio down, to her dislike calmed her down a little. 

"I've never heard of them. Where are they from," I asked while scrolling through my text messages, all from old friends or managers. I sighed and shoved it back in my purse, placing my purse on the floor of the car. 

"Well, four of them are from the United Kingdom. Uh ...Cheshire, Wolverhampton, Bradford, and Doncaster! Can you believe we used to live there? And the other one is from Mulligar in Ireland!" I rolled my eyes and lost interest in the conversation quickly. So they were British boys. They weren't my favorite kind of people, as irrational as that sounds, but its true. When we lived in Doncaster, I met a guy and he was nice for a while until he decided to play with my heart. He absolutely was gorgeous, and I was impressed someone like him fell for someone like me, but he found someone better and left. That's totally not the reason we left Europe though -- notice my sarcasm. Yes, we did leave just because of him. I wanted a fresh start much to Jessica's dislike, since she had found someone she really liked there and didn't want to leave one bit. It shook me up, him leaving me like that. I haven't dated since him, my trust for boys spiraling towards rock bottom. I do like to play the role of a tease though, dancing in clubs and deciding to give an amateur the time of his life. That's always fun, as much as Hagan and Jessica don't like it. 

We pulled up on the side of the curb and Jessica parked the car. The smell of fresh bread flowed out of the shop every time the door opened, and my mouth watered. Jessica put two quarters into the parking meter and we walked in. Children had recognized us, immediately pointing to their mothers as we walked across the restaurant. I smiled at all of them and knew Jess was following suit, even though we really just wanted to be alone. I sighed as Jessica came to my side at the counter, taking her purse off her shoulder and placing it on the counter. 

"I really wish that we could have some time alone, without people know who we are, you know?" I blinked at Jess and she nodded, pulling out her wallet while she ordered her panini. I hummed quietly to myself while staring at the menu, the tune of the song on the radio racing through my memory. 

"Ma'am, your order?" I shook my head, snapping out of my daze and giggling at myself. The lady behind the register smiled and waited for me to pick. 

"Tomato and mozzarella panini with a strawberry smoothie, please!" I smiled warmly at her as she pressed the buttons that I knew nothing of, and told me the price. I pulled the amount out of my wallet and handed it to her gladly, which she took and put in the register. She pointed to a straw basket with little buzzers in them and told me it would vibrate when my order was ready. I nodded my thanks to her and went to find Jessica, who was surrounded by little children holding napkins and pencils their mothers must have given them. I sighed, and walked slowly towards the table. It's not that the children aren't great, its just they always want something. An autograph, picture, its just annoying! The kids separated and made a path for me to enter the booth, and I threw my purse in the back corner before sliding in. 

"Veronica, can I have your autograph please?" A little girl about the age of seven asked, calling me by my characters name. I chuckled and took her napkin and pencil gently from her hands while she squealed in excitement. I signed my actual name, Kara Wilson lightly and wrote a quick note for the young girl. After I handed it back to her, the other children seemed to disperse and wonder away to our pleasure, as rude as that sounds. 

"Kara Wilson, oh my gosh!" Jessica whispered to me, which is something she rarely did and only did it when she was excited. She had her phone in her hand, and was scrolling through a message, it seemed like. 

"What's happening?" I took her phone and saw a text from a guy named Harry. "Hello, love. I really missed you a lot, and I was hoping you would meet me tonight? A couple of my friends and I are here for ...work and I knew you would be here. How about Berrochi's around 8?" The guy from Doncaster, who she had liked so much. "You kept in touch with him?" I asked while taking a sip from my smoothie, letting the smooth and cold liquid slide down my throat. She took the phone back quickly and typed out a quick reply. 

"Of course I did, I was practically in love with him, K!" I rolled my eyes at her foolish joy, over a guy she hasn't seen since we were 16. 

"Don't get to-," my pager buzzed on the table signaling the food was ready, and I huffed at the fact it interrupted my sentence. I stood up and walked to get my tray, the smell of baked bread wafting into my nose made my mouth water in anxiousness. Jessica had gotten her food as well, and sat down waiting for me. I was about to take a bite when a tall boy around 5'9 walked in, sporting a black, red and blue sweater. His hair was covered by a beanie, pieces of it falling over his forehead and above his eyes. He let the door close behind him, and looked around the tiny place while walking towards the counter. He walked past us, and looked straight into my eyes. His bright blue orbs captivated me, and for some reason they seemed familiar. He arrived at the counter and the trail of his cologne followed behind him, making me smile. I loved men cologne, it smelled so good. 

"Oh my god, that's-," I hushed her, not caring who it was. I just wanted to sit and look at him, watch the way he moved and the amazing heat he gave off from his smile. I heard the murmur of his voice, and surprisingly it was a British accent. I frowned in disappointment and turned back to my hot sandwich waiting to be eaten. Jessica just smirked at me, knowing in her eyes as if she knew everything that I was feeling. "You think he's hot, don't you?" I rolled my eyes in embarrassment and quickly shook that comment off, taking a bite of my meal. She just chuckled, and it annoyed me in such a way I could actually be mad at her. But of course, I wasn't actually mad. I could never be mad at her. I must have been hungry and not have noticed since I devoured the sandwich in the matter of minutes. The boy sat across from Jess and I, having a nice view of the New York City streets mid-day. He opened his bag of potato chips, and took one from it placing it in his mouth. The way his jaw moved when he bit into it, the way his eyes changed expressions every time the chip crunched, it made me feel uncomfortably hot. There was something about him that made me feel as if I knew him. Surely, it was just my imagination but I truly felt it. 

"I'll be right back," I excused myself as I got up and took my plate to the trash can and emptied the leftover crumbs off the plate. I stacked it and walked to the bathroom, needing a minute to collect myself. I felt as if I was sweating, which I obviously wasn't and it was the oddest feeling in the world. I didn't even know him, yet he had this affect on me. I really wanted to just lie him down and let him lic-no. I rolled my eyes at myself, which was sort of stupid but I shouldn't be thinking these thoughts about a British boy. I sighed and looked at myself in the large mirror on the wall. I fixed my hair so it sat on my right shoulder and walked out. Jessica had finished her meal and set her plate away, sitting on her phone waiting for my return. 

"Kara, we're going to be late!" I quickly ran towards her and grabbed my purse from the booth, when the British boy looked up and stopped me from running out of the building.

"You're Kara?" I raised my eyebrows and pulled away from his grip on my arm, casting a strange look towards his direction.

"Do I know you?" I asked in awe as he just smiled and nodded, sitting back down. I squinted and ran a hand through my hair quickly before turning on my heels and walking out behind Jessica.

"We used to be real close," I heard him say before the door shut behind me. Jessica had the car started and was calling for me through the window.

"What took you so long?" Jess yelled at me, and I shook my head and slid into the car shutting the door behind me.

"Nothing, just go or I will really be fired!" She maneuvered the car between two trucks and sped towards the work place. 

"What's on your mind, K?" She asked as she turned at a light, probably causing someone to flip her off behind us. I nodded my head at her, giving her a fake smile and looked out the window. I couldn't get him out of my mind. I knew he was looked familiar, I just didn't know why. Just by looking at him, I was captivated and something inside me screamed that I wanted to see him again. The feeling in the pit of my stomach slowly sank as we drove farther and farther away from the British boy, leaving my feelings behind. 








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