"He couldn't take his eyes off her, the beat of the bass powering him to do new things that he had never thought of doing. The way she moved caused his hands to sweat, body to shake and an overwhelming heatto rush through his bones every time he looked at her.." WARNING: smut, smut, smut.


6. Chapter Five

I sat on the long leather stretch as Niall roughly pulled his blazer off and hung it from the golden hooks under the key shelf. He undid his tie, pulling it off and throwing the royal blue silk onto the couch. His leather shoes were kicked off, lazily thrown onto the dark wooden floor near the door.

"Kara, what happened?" He softly said, intriguing blue eyes searching mine. He stretched out next to me, sock clad feet up on the glass table. I turned to look down, eyes not being able to meet his as I sighed, standing up. 

"I want to change first," I said breathlessly, as he followed behind in my trail. I slowly opened the door to our room, closing it quickly but Niall managed to slip in. My problem wasn't with him watching me change, we'd both seen each other naked plenty of times. For cripes sake, we share a room together. The only problem was that I wanted to be alone, for at least a couple seconds to clear my mind and abandon my thoughts of Louis. 

"Kara, come on, love. Why don't you just tell me so we can move on," I walked into the closet, pulling out a pair of his gray sweatpants and one of my own sweatshirts. I had my own sweatpants, but his were just so much warmer than mine so he let me wear them. 

"Unzip me," I sighed, holding my hair back and facing away from Niall. I felt his warm hand trail down my back, as he slowly pulled the nude colored zipper open, revealing my naked back and bra. "Thank you," I rolled my eyes as he laughed, for who knows what reason. The dress slid down my body in a wave of ember, creating a pool at the bottom of my feet. I stepped out, pulling the dress up and pinning it carefully to a hanger that was loose in my closet. Niall decided to change as well, Pulling his trousers off and hanging them up. 

"Kara, please, jus-,"

"Did you know Louis and I met in Doncaster?" I pressed harshly, watching him as he stopped unbuttoning his shirt slowly. "Did you know we fucking went out in Doncaster," he looked at me, hearing my voice quaver and knew I was on the verge of tears. "Did you know I fell in love with him in Don-," I paused; trying hard to collect myself, "in Doncaster," I sighed, pulling his sweatpants over my lower half. When the room was still silent, I turned and glared at Niall. "Niall, fucking tell me. Did you or did you not?" I raised my voice, something I couldn't control when I was angry. I hated yelling at Niall, it broke my heart. 

"I-I did," he softly spoke, voice barely higher than a whisper. I shook my head, my eyes involuntarily closing as I turned back towards my wardrobe, pulling a sweatshirt over my head. "Kara, you don't understand. I'm sorry I kept it from you, but there is a reason," he exhaled, walking towards me and extending a comforting hand. I flinched away from it, not wanting his touch or his warmth at the moment. 

"Then what's the reason," I whispered.

"What?" He asked, leaning closer to hear me. 

"Then what's the reason," I spoke more confidently, turning towards Niall. His eyes burned into mine, the electrifying blue color captivating my thoughts. I looked away, flinching from his hypnotizing eyes. No wonder nobody was ever mad at Niall. 

"I-I," he sighed, his breath becoming short and his eyes closing, "I can't tell you... I promised Louis," he whispered, swallowing deeply as his eyes avoided making contact with my own. An uncontrollable glare came across my face, as hard as I tried to stop it I couldn't. I stormed to my bathroom to brush the tangled mess of curls on my shoulder out. I was merciless, combing through my locks viciously. Niall ran in to stop me, afraid I would hurt myself or yank the hair out of my scalp. "K-Kara," he breathed, trying hard to grab the flat brush from me, "sto-p!" He yelled out, causing me to flinch. Red flushed to his cheeks, his eyes becoming dark and his features hard. He yanked the brush out of my hand, slamming it on the counter. The noise that echoed through the bathroom could scare anyone, it sounded like the granite was cracking. I walked cautiously over towards him, stopping to stand right in front of him. His dark eyes met mine, his jaw shifting slightly forward. 

"Leave me alone," I spoke breathlessly, stepping backwards to walk out the door. I heard his hard footsteps on the wood, following me as his breath quickened. 

"Kara, where the fuck do you think you're going," he yelled as I slid on a pair of boots and grabbed the keys to my Cadillac off the shelf. 

"I'm leaving until you calm the fuck down," I rolled my eyes as I slammed the door behind me, hearing his angry puff of air behind me. I knew exactly what he was doing, he was going to call Jess or Harry, making sure that they stalk me the whole night so they know that I'm safe. I sighed, holding back the urge to roll my eyes again as I ran into the parking garage, searching frantically for my black car. "Oh, come on, I don't have fucking time for this," I groaned to myself, running in and out of the rows of cars. Finally, I found where the valet had parked it, way in the far back of the whole joint. I hurriedly jumped in it, turning it on with one swift flick of my wrist, the metal of keys jingling as they hit each other. I sped out of the garage, eyeing my rear view mirror as Harry's car came into view. I stepped on the pedal, avoiding the traffic that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. My hands took me where they wanted me to go, turning in and out of the back streets of New York City. My mind was in a complete haze, starting to forget everything that had happened, causing me to leave. I pulled up on the curb of a shabby hotel, quickly regretting my decision. If Harry came, he'd recognize my car and immediately know I was in the hotel. I hopped back in, moving the vehicle far into the parking lot before turning it off and locking it as I jogged to the main entrance. I stood outside the doors, staring at the empty building. A nice glass, triangular roof lined the skyline, assuming to be the penthouse suite. I pushed harshly against the doors, my breath becoming heavy as the smell of cabbage overwhelmed my senses. The worn pink wallpaper was starting to peel at the corners, the grout in between the tiles become loose. The moulding seemed new -- in some areas, at least -- painted a deep olive color that completely was out of the wallpapers' color scheme. I shrugged, walking cautiously to the front desk. A large woman that smelled of cigarettes and lilacs turned to face me, flashing her gapping smile. I politely smiled back, my teeth biting fiercely into my bottom lip. 

"What can I do for you, hun?" She spoke, her accent thick and southern. She typed away at her dinosaur of a computer, looking up from behind her wire framed glasses. 

"I'd like to...stay in the nicest room you have? Possibly a penthouse suite?" I pressed, hoping for the slightest chance of some New York wealth. Her lips moved to a frown, blinking at her monitor twice before flashing me a quick sideways grin. 

"Oh, you want the penthouse suite? Well, I'm afraid you came to the wrong place, little missy," she sighed, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose with a chubby finger. My eyes widened, shock spreading through my body as I looked towards the lady, a glare threatening to come lose. She wanted to sit here and lie to me? Hell to the fucking no, not on a day like this.

"Listen," I glanced at the name tag placed on the desk in front of her, "Madge. I'm not in the fucking mood to deal with a liar right now, so you show me to the penthouse suite or so help m-," 

"Fine, fine. Don't get your thong in a bunch... oh wait," she giggled at her own joke, a snort escaping my lips as she slowly waddled along. My eyes involuntarily rolled as my hand gently ran through my auburn hair. She led me to an elevator, which probably hadn't been used in ages. Horror spread through my body once I heard the elevator crack more than enough times, causing my hands to shake. Madge stepped onto the elevator, it wiggled as she took her step. I cautiously followed suit, standing away from the plump lady in the orange dress. She reached over, pressing the button that read 'PH'. I sighed as relief washed over me, the elevator moving at a surprising rate for a shabby hotel. Once we reached the penthouse floor, the door got jammed. "Hold on hun, let me," she smiled, pounding her fist onto her bare hand a couple of times. In one quick movement she banged her hand in between them, launching them open. I'm not sure how she did it, but it was amazing. She smiled at me as she gestured me to lead, which I kindly accepted. A small hallway with shiny marble tile and black walls lie out in front of us, doors rimmed with a gold metal at the end. I slowly walked to the doors, surprised at the nice smell of flowers escaping the room. The large double doors opened, hitting either side of the wall behind them. My mouth fell open as the room was revealed to me, beauty in all its stages. The furniture was all white, a king size bed that sat on the floor in the back corner, facing out. A large vanity with twinkling fairy lights and an antique perfume bottle sat near the wardrobe, which had cute little handles in the shape of infinity signs. A lounge sofa sat in front of the bed, and also on the back wall. Three large mirrors hung from the wall next to it, Japanese Cherry Blossom flowers lining the edges. The walls were painted a dark red, each piece of furniture popping against the pallet. It reminded me of sex for some reason, the way the colors contrasted. The duvet that was neatly flung over the mattress had black and white pinstripes, with deep red pillow sets and sheets. 

"Oh, Madge, its beautiful," I gasped, still surprised at the quality upstairs the hotel had to offer. She smiled smugly at me, winking before stepping in further.

"I know, it is. Say, aren't you... Kara Wilson? What're you doing at a place like this," she exhaled, like all the weight of the world was lifted off her shoulders. My eyes shut, my body falling to sit on the lounge in front of my mattress.

"My best friend and I... we got in a fight," I frowned, a crease forming between my eyebrows. I heard Madge sigh sympathetically, waddling over to place a comforting hand on my shoulder. She got down on her knees, struggling, the breath leaving her body in heaves. Her green eyes focused onto mine, the pupils dilating as they caught my gaze. She took my cold, thin hands in her own, running a warm palm over the top of them.

"You want to go see him," she asked, her voice in a soft, calming voice. Tears stung at the rims of my waterlines, threatening to roll down my cheeks. I shut my eyes, shutting them slowly as Madge took a breath in. "Then get up, and do it. You're Kara Wilson, and you can do anything you set your mind too," she smiled warmly, as a single salty tear rolled down my cheek. She cupped her hands under my cheek, slightly tilting them up. "Get a good night's rest, first. I'll let you know if anyone calls for you," she stood slowly, her knee cracking as she winced and slowly shook it off. "Goodnight, dear," she spoke warmly, closing the door behind her. A large breath huffed out of me, my eyes shutting as I fell back onto the feather bed. I flung my shoes off, walking across the soft gray marble floors as I shut the bright overheads off. The fairy lights twinkled across the room, a dim night light. My eyes shut as my head hit the pillow, my body warmly tucked under the duvet that smelled of lavender. My breathing became slow, calm, as my eyelids became heavy and slowly I drifted out of consciousness.


"Kara," a rough voice whispered, accent rich and pure. I shifted in my bed, my eyes slowly fluttering open. I leaned up on my left elbow, rubbing a hand over my face quickly before blinking them open.

"Kara," the man laughed, I could hear the smile in his voice. He slowly stepped into the dull shimmer of the fairy lights, his facial features becoming clear to me. 

"Louis," I sighed, peeling the duvet off my body before stepping onto the cold tile. I moved to the lounge in front of the bed, as he closed the distance between us slowly. I subconsciously took a breath in, his body moving in between my legs. His hands were in his navy jacket pockets, gray sweatpants thrown on his lower half. The waistband of his Calvin Klein boxers showed at the slightest movement of his arms. A beanie was pulled over his head, pieces of hair falling onto his forehead. "How did you find me," I breathed, his mouth turning to a smirk as he knelt down so his eyes held my vision. 

"I figured your hands would take you somewhere deep into the city," he flashed a quick smile before blinking his eyes slowly, "I've experienced your runaways before." He laughed, and I rolled my eyes letting my hand caress his cheek. 

"Why did you leave me, Louis," I sighed, his beautiful blue eyes dilating as he focused his gaze once again on me.

His hand ran down my face, to the hair that sat on my shoulder as his fingers gently ran through the soft locks. A soft hum escaped from his throat, a smile appearing on his face. 

"I-I," he sighed, his eyes flickering slowly away from my hair and to my face, "I couldn't control myself," he whispered, finger brushing along my jawbone.

"I needed you," I sighed, closing my eyes as I heard him let out a breath of hot air, chills running up my spine. "It tore me to pieces after I left. I couldn't ever stop loving you, no matter how hard I tried. I just gave up...," my voice that had become so confident shrunk to a whisper, "I love you, Louis." My breathing accelerated, heart thumping in my chest, as my hands moved by themselves. Fingers traced the rough skin of his jawline, his unshaved beard poking through. He moved closer to me, forehead touching mine as we inhaled each others breath. My fingers played with the hair on the back of his neck as his eyes slowly opened, burying themselves in my own.

"I love you, Kara," His hand wrapped gently around my back, warm fingers grazing the back of my neck. The rush of energy I felt stir in my veins excited me, a smile giggling up onto my face as his lips formed into a grin. His t-shirt was bunched in my fists, the fabric wrinkling as he pushed me slowly and gently down onto the bed. Our lips moved together in sync; passionately, lovingly. His hands held my hips to his, his lips moving down my neck. I winced as teeth grazed over my neck, biting down gently. His tongue smoothly ran over it seconds later, soothing the pain as he continued. My hand pressed his hard chest as I pulled his jacket off, discarding it on the floor. His soft touch grazed up my sides as he slowly pulled Niall's sweatshirt up over my chest. It dropped to the floor, the sound of fabric hitting surface echoed quietly through the room. My head fell back, hitting the pillow as he worked up the newly exposed skin that grew warm with his movements. He reared away from me to pull his cotton t-shirt over his head, flinging it onto the lounge. As he leaned back down, I flipped him so I was on top, straddling his warm body. A throaty moan escaped his lips as my lips gently worked around his prominent collarbones and jugular. My hands traced the outline of his abdomen, the bulge in his pants growing slightly. He sat up on his elbows, shifting me slightly so that he sat up. He softly took my legs and wrapped them around his waist tightly, rubbing up my thighs. His lips found mine as his arms snaked around my body and unclasped my bra. His fingers fumbled behind my back, a sudden laugh escaping my lips. His hand came down on my bum firmly. I yelped, pouting my lips making him smile. 

"Take the damn thing off," he whispered, his breath hot on my neck as I quickly obliged and peeled the piece of black lace off slowly. It slid down my arms, his eyes locking on my face as I banished the lingerie to the floor. A small smirk appeared on my lips as his eyes trailed down my neck to my chest, his hands slowly feeling up my body to my breast. His hands cupped them, squeezing them as he held my eye contact. 

"L-Louis," I breathed out, the sound echoing throughout the room. My hands held his forearms as I tried to steady myself. He pinched my nipple, latching his lips to the soft skin as his breath pooled out around me, giving me chills. My moans vibrated through my body, as he slowly hooked his fingers into Niall's sweatpants, pulling them down over my bum. My hand slid across his bulge, a throaty moan escaping his lips. I stood on the bed, in between his outstretched legs as I slowly pulled the fabric down as it slid down my legs. I stepped out of the pants, kneeling down in front of Louis again. He flipped me over, kissing me passionately, roughly. His hands tangled into my hair as moans escaped my entirety. 

"Kara," he kissed down my chest as his breath whispered against the skin. "I." Kiss. "Love." Kiss. "You." Kiss. My hand clenched his hair in between my fingers as his tongue ran above the waistband of my panties. 

"I love you TO-o," I yelled out as he quickly pulled the lingerie down and let his warmth run over my core. His finger ran over it smoothly, his bright blue orbs locking with mine as he let his tongue run over my slit. 

"Louis," I breathlessly yelped, his tongue continuing to pleasure my throbbing center. "I-I," his finger plunged into me, holding its place as my gasps for air settled. 

"I love hearing you moan," he sighed, removing himself from me and reaching to place a chaste kiss on my neck, below my ear. My eyes shut slowly, as the sound of zipper silently rang through the room. His belt dropped onto the tile, a short clunk sounding in the air. I heard the rip of a packet open, as his fingers fumbled to pull the condom over his member. He crawled back on the mattress, kissing me passionately. My hand held the back of his neck to me, our bodies touching everywhere. He pulled back, peeling the fabric that kept his stiff from my core. His beautiful blue orbs melted into me, my elbows holding my weight as I sat up. "Kara," he whispered, placing a lingering kiss on my lips, moving to my jawbone. 

"Louis," my hand found the back of his head as my fingers clenched together, roughly pulling his soft hair. His lips moved to my jugular, a moan pushing out of my throat. 

"Take me," he whispered, his teeth grazing my earlobe as shivers ran down my spine, "If you'll take me, then please." His eyes searched mine, as my legs wrapped around his hips. He held my waist as he kissed my neck, his member touching the inside of my leg. I pulled him down, fingers tracing over his neck, my lips brushing over his collarbones.

"I will," I looked down, running my hands over his chest. His skin was warm, hot, and goosebumps rose on his body. He kissed me gently and passionately before carefully adjusting his member and thrusting it into my core. A breath of air was sucked in as I tried to adjust, the pain searing in my lower back hurting more than usual. 

"I don't want to hurt you," he pressed his soft lips to my neck, waiting for the okay. I clenched my eyes shut, opening one slightly to see his eyes staring protectively into mine. My right eye slowly flickered open, kissing him lightly on the lips. His hips pulled back, the pain once again surging up my spine. He slowly thrusted, each movement becoming softer and increasingly passionate. 

"Louis," I moaned out, his speed becoming rapid, his breath becoming pants. His kisses were sweet, tender and caring as his body slammed against mine. This was nothing like the many times before, the sweaty sex under the sheets of a cheap motel room. His manly grunt brought me out of my haze, his hands massaging my breasts as they bounced up and down from the speed we were going. "Fuck," the word escaped my lips, a shrill sound as he hammered into me. Moans and profanity filled the room, a warm sensation rising in my abdomen. 

"Kara, hold it," he pleaded, kissing up my neck to my lips. My fingers clenched helplessly in his hair, my head falling back as the warmth grew.

"L-Louis, I can't anymore," I panted breathlessly, sweat trickling down my face and chest. 

"Then let it take control," he whispered into my neck, sucking gently on the soft skin. My body shook, the orgasm temporarily taking over my breathing and every movement. My lips spoke words of profanity, as Louis kept pounding into me. He grunted out, his orgasm coming close behind me. 

"Fucking hell," he breathlessly screamed, pulling out and falling onto the bed next to me. Nothing but the sound of heavy breathing filled the room, the smell of sweat overcoming the lavender. He got up, pulling the purple condom off of his dick and throwing it into the bin. He searched the pile of clothes scattered on the floor for his boxers, kicking his jeans aside and pulling the black cloth over his manhood. His body replaced the spot I was in as I got up to find my bra and panties, quickly pulling them up and joining him on the mattress. He turned so he faced me, a smile slowly forming on his face as his hand stroked through my hair. "So beautiful," he whispered, sighing out as I placed a kiss on his lips. His arm pulled me close to him, snuggling me into his chest.

"When I wake up, will you actually be here," I whispered into his chest, tracing the outline of his collarbones. He took in a breath as my hand moved down his chest, exhaling as my fingers found the nape of his neck.

"Of course." I shut my eyes in relief, hugging him tightly, scared to let go. He gave me a little kisses on my face, fingers running through my hair, putting me to sleep.



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