It All Started At The Park

This is about a 18 year old girl named Alice. One normal day at the dog park and she meets some special people that could change her life.
This is my first Movella. Hope you like it.


2. Hanging Out With The Boys

Alice's P.O.V:


We got home from the dog park and I was really excited that I got Niall's phone number. I wasn't that much of a fan but c'mon he was famous. I liked him though. Not only cause he's famous but their is something about him that I like. He seemed like a down to earth guy. I got out my phone and was about to text him when my mom called me down stairs. I went down and asked her what she wanted. "I'm going to work right now and your going to be left alone, I want you to stay out of trouble Ok" she said. "Ok, bye mom i'll see you later" I said. She left and i was all alone now so I decided to text Niall. To Niall: Hey its me Alice. From Niall: Hey, whatcha doin. To Niall: Nothing just alone. From Niall: Why? To Niall: Because my mom just went to work so I'm all alone. From Niall: Do you want to come hang with me and the boys, i'll pick you up if you want. To Niall: Sure. I sent him my address and he was here in about 5 minutes. "Hi" I said. "Hello, right this way" he said. He led me out the door and opened the car door. Such a gentlemen. He was driving and we arrived at his hotel 5 minutes later. We got out and went quickly past the screaming girls into the lobby. We went to the elevator and I pushed the button to go up. We quickly got to the 3rd floor and went to his room. All the boys were their since he had a big room. "Hi" I said shyly. "HEY" they all yelled and ran up to me and gave me a big hug even though i've only known them for like what 10 minutes. I hugged back anyways and we started to talk a little. "So whats you family like" Harry asked. "Well I live with my mom and dog, my mom and dad got divorced when I was 10, and I love to eat. 



Niall's P.O.V:


We got back to the hotel room and I was waiting for her to text but she didn't. I was starting to worry that she forgot about me and didn't want to talk or something crazy. Then my phone started to buzz. From unknown: Hey its me Alice it said. I was glad I saw that text and we started to talk a little and I asked her if she wanted to come over. She said sure and I offered to pick her up. I went to pick her up and I knocked on the door. She came within a minute and we walked back to my car. It was a 5 minute ride so it didn't take too long and we got to the hotel. There was a lot of fans so we ran through all of them. We got to the elevator and I told Alice to press the 3rd floor. She did and within a minute we at the 3rd floor. We entered my room and all the boys were there. "HEY" they all said and came running and gave Alice a great big bear hug. I saw she hugged them back and let go. We started talking and then Harry asked her about her family. "I live with my mom and dog, my mom and dad got divorced when I was 10, and I love to eat. When she said she loved to eat my mouth just dropped and the boys started laughing. She is beautiful and she loves to eat shes the perfect girl. Now I just have to figure out a way to ask her out.

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