A Place In This World

Hi, I'm Alana. I just moved to a new school. I don't have any friends. I get bullied. I don't fit in. My life is terrible now that my mom died. I feel like I'm no longer wanted. Until this amazing boy came along, or I thought he was amazing.


1. A Day Of Touture

"Alana, Alana....Alana!" Ms. Myers calls my name, her harsh brown eyes stare at me. I snap out of my day dream. "Well do you know the answer?"

"No" I reply. The whole class snickers. I hide my face in embarsement.

"That's ok" I hear Ms. Myers say. "Faith do you  know the answer?"

"Is it 1492?"

"Yes, it is good job" Ms. Myers smiles, her eyes relaxing. Soon after the bell rings, I sigh as I get up and push my chair in. All my books fall to the ground as I see Tara's possy standing next to me.

"Oops sorry" she says in a scarstic tone. She laughs and flips her long perfectly wavy blonde hair down her back as I bend down to pick my stuff. I hear the clicks of her heals walking away. Trying to hold back tears, I pick up up my things, and right before I stand up, and hand is held out to me, heasant I look up and it's my brother, Josh

"Well?" I hear him say.

"Sorry" I say, I take his hand and he helps me up.

"Hey, Don't pay attention to Tara." He says gently walking me to my locker. "Well see you at lunch" he says. I wave goodbye as I pull out books for my next class, which is english.

After school at home

"I got the job!" Josh says walking through the door. I paused my music, I was listining to One Direction.

"What job?!" I say happly sitting up.

"You're going to freak!"

"Stop teasing me!" I giggle

He laughs right before he says, "I'm One Direction's new drummer!" My mouth drops wide open.

"your kidding, right?" I was dead serious.

"No." He tries to make his serious face.



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