I Thought You Loved Me.

It's a matter of life and death when Kait and her best friend Kelly go to see One Direction in concert. Will Kait fall for someone else when Niall thinks he loves her? Will Kelly ditch Kait just for a boy? Read more to find out!


6. Chapter 6

Narrator Talking to Kait

You and Kelly go to grab a bite to eat then go to the mall. Now it's 3:30 PM and the concert starts in about 4 hours. While in the mall, you meet these 3 very pretty girls. You two go talk to them. They are going to the concert and their names are Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie. They are so pretty. Compared to them, you two look like rocks. "Smashed" rocks. *Wink wink* You end up having a conversation and have seats right next to them! They were here picking out outfits, same as you two. You all go to a few stores and by 6 you all have your outfits, then go out to dinner, then to the concert!
During the concert, during Rock Me, Harry kept his eyes on Kelly. During Heart Attack, Niall kept his eyes on you. During They Don't Know About Us, Liam was staring Kelly down. During Kiss You, Zayn was looking at you most of the time and winking occasionally. During the whole concert pretty much, Louis kept his eyes on Eleanor. I think he likes her! After the concert, you and Kelly went to the backstage area, and Zayn grabbed you without Kelly seeing and brought you into a closet. Kelly went to the lounge room with the rest of the boys.
Niall: "Kelly, where's Kait?"
Kelly: "I don't know, I think she stopped at the bathroom."
*Ten Minutes Later*
Niall: "I'm going to look for her." He gets up nervously and walks down the hall looking everywhere for you. 

Zayn had you pinned up against the wall, so you couldn't move out of his grip. You two were kissing. Actually Zayn was kissing you. Niall barges in...



Niall barges in...
"Wha-What the hell are you two doing? Kait I thought you loved me! What the fuck! I'm leaving this god damn place!!  FUCK YOU KAIT! FUCK YOU ZAYN! FUCK IT ALL God Dammit!!!!" Niall screamed with tears forming in his eyes, followed by them streaming down his face. He ran out of the hall into the road, you following him, and then Zayn runs in the other direction to get Kelly and the rest of the boys. 
You: "Niall! Don't! Come Back! You don't understand! Please! I love you Niall James Horan!! I LOVE YOU!"
Niall: "No Kait, I'm done with this shit! I HATE YOU!! OKAY? Fuck you!"
He then runs off across the street to the bus, but then... BAM!!!!
Harry: "What? What hap- What the HELL?!? NIALL!"
Kelly: Call the ambulance Liam NOW!!"
Liam: "ON IT!!!"


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