I Thought You Loved Me.

It's a matter of life and death when Kait and her best friend Kelly go to see One Direction in concert. Will Kait fall for someone else when Niall thinks he loves her? Will Kelly ditch Kait just for a boy? Read more to find out!


4. Chapter 4

Narrator Talking to Kait:

You guys talk for another hour or so, then Niall and you both start to get tired. Next thing you know you're woken up by Kelly and Harry running in the room out of breath. Umm eww! They both stop and look at you and Niall. You were both under the covers. Naked? What time was it? Why are those two out of breath? So many questions run through your mind. Did Niall want to be more than friends? You look at the clock and it's 3:47 AM. Anyways, Harry locks the door and jumps in the other bed, tells you and Niall the story. Now Niall's awake, cuddling you with his warm (naked) body. Niall kisses you on the cheek and whispers in your ear "You did amazing" then winks. Dear god. Did you just have sex with Niall? What happened the past few hours? Harry starts talking and laughing still out of breath. Him and Kelly are in their clothes and dripping wet. Someone pounds on the door. LOUD. "Harry! Kelly! Let me in! It's Louis! Hurry! He's coming!" Kelly lets in a dripping wet Louis who jumps on the bed next to Harry. Kelly locks the door again and cuddles up with Harry. "Okay, now, so me and Kelly were... having a... good time when Louis runs into our room about an hour ago. God Louis learn to knock! He runs in and okay I won't get into details. So he said 'Let's play Truth or Dare', so we did. He of course dared me to jump in the pool fully clothed. That is after I got dressed, and he dared Kelly to also. We did then dared him to do the same thing. So he gets up, bangs on all the doors on the floor, then jumps in. Management comes down chasing us, then Paul got into it. Kelly you want to continue the story?" Harry was telling Niall and you. "Okay well we went down to Louis' room only to find that in the room next to us was Zayn and Liam getting sappy over a movie. We thought it'd be safe to go in there, but then when we barged in, we found out that it was two old men, not Liam and Zayn. Awkward. So then, we came here. Anyways, then we ran down the hall and a man was after us and..." BANG BANG BANG BANG! "Let me in now! I know you're in there hooligans! I have a key! Let me in or I'll come in myself! Okay! Here I come!" The door slams open. 
"Oh my god. What the-?" 
Niall: "Excuse me? We are having a moment!"
Manager: "Why's the other bed all wet? Huh? You're hiding those hooligans in there aren't you?"
Niall: "If you must know, we took a bath together then had some... fun. On that bed. Any other stupid questions? Or can we get back to what we were doing? Thanks. Oh and if you want my advice, never come in here uninvited if you don't want to see that again."
Manager: "Yes sir. Okay um I um have to go. Uh bye! Have fu- Bye!"
He then leaves awkwardly.
Harry, Kelly, and Louis get out from under the wet bed.
"Haha Niall you're good at making up lies" Louis said.
"I wasn't lying about part of it" Niall says to Louis then winks at you.
"Good god Niall get some clothes on. The both of you!" Harry said. Zayn then comes in with Liam. Liam stops when he sees you and Niall both naked getting dressed and looks away.
"Liam, don't act like you've never seen it. They don't care." Harry told Liam.
"Okay Harry I underst-... Hmpph I understand" Liam said to Harry. He paused when he saw Kelly cuddling with Harry and then sounded a bit depressed. Kelly noticed and tells Harry that she's going to dry off in his room. Liam leaves and goes to talk to Kelly because she whispered and told him to.

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