I Thought You Loved Me.

It's a matter of life and death when Kait and her best friend Kelly go to see One Direction in concert. Will Kait fall for someone else when Niall thinks he loves her? Will Kelly ditch Kait just for a boy? Read more to find out!


3. Chapter 3

...She's gone. 

Kait's P.O.V.

She's sitting at the booth behind ours sitting with the rest of the lads from One Direction. She's sitting about a c.m. away from Harry. Those two are huge flirts and when they're actually next to each other, they look like a pretty good couple. I know that she's always fancied Harry a tad more than the others. I can't blame her. He is very good looking - as all the others were. I look back to Niall and he is staring at me with his gorgeous eyes. He asks me again, "Hello? Kait! You hear me?" I finally realize he was talking to me. How embarrasing. I finally respond, "Yeah? Sorry I was just looking at my friend." She had gotten much closer to Harry which seemed impossible, but it wasn't. Good god those two are seriously need a room. Niall asks me, "Would you and your friend like some backstage passes to the show tomorrow? I would love to see you again and by the looks of it, the same goes for Harry and your friend." "Okay, sure! It'd be great for me to see your face again. You look much better in person" I say smiling. I blush terribly, but he does too. I go back to the table my hand in Niall's, but when I notice, I quickly pull my hand away and blush. By now, Harry and Kelly are practically down each other's throats. Liam looks at them and says, "Ehemm, there are other people at this table." He blushes not taking his eyes of Kelly. She and Harry stop, but won't take their green eyes off of each other. 
Niall announces to the table that he has given me and Kelly backstage passes for tomorrow. 

The night was great and all the food was too.(I mean it was Nando's, of course it was) We all leave the restaurant and Kelly and Harry won't stop snogging. Liam still blushing looking a bit angry at Harry now. Me and Niall start to kiss and all the sparks fly. We all walk back to the hotel, because we all coincidentally were on the same floor in the same hotel. I walk with Niall talking about random things. He says goodnight and he brings me to my room, and we talk more in private in there. I see Harry and Kelly leave into Harry's room, Harry starting to take off his belt. Great I know where that's going. Well that escalated quickly.

Narrator Talking to Kait

You laughed to what you thought was yourself and Niall chuckled, "I love that laugh of yours! What was that all about?" "Just Harry and Kelly. Those two are animals you know" You laugh again, then Niall hugs you with his nice, strong arms and warm body. This is perfect you think to yourself. 

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