I Thought You Loved Me.

It's a matter of life and death when Kait and her best friend Kelly go to see One Direction in concert. Will Kait fall for someone else when Niall thinks he loves her? Will Kelly ditch Kait just for a boy? Read more to find out!


1. Chapter 1

Kait's P.O.V.

"I hope you like your birthday present! I put a lot of thought into this one!" Kelly, my best friend,  said to me. She says this every year and every year it's the same thing. She loved musicals, so every single year she got us tickets to see a different Christmas musical because my birthday is December 4th. "Okay! When do I get to open it?" I say to her acting excited, when in reality, I hate musicals. "Tonight! After dinner!" She says, acting extremely happy. 

After dinner that night, she calls me up to her bedroom, and has the same small sized box she uses every year. "Okay close your eyes when you open it! I really think you'll love this years present!" She said. I closed my eyes and she places the tickets in my hands. "Oh tickets! What a surprise! What show are we seeing this year?" I ask, annoyed thinking that maybe she got me something else, but then I felt the tickets on my hand. "Look! I hope you love this kind of music!" She said to me. I look at the ticket and you wouldn't believe what I saw sitting in my hands. One Direction concert tickets for December 3rd! And they are front row! The tickets are for Madison Square Garden in New York City. "Kelly! Thank you SO much! I love it! And they're for One Direction! Front row and in New York City! This is the best present ever!" I say to her. This was the best birthday ever. "Nope! There's more!" She says handing me a small box. "Go on, open it! This one is from mostly your parents, but I helped, too!" I open the box and there is a car key. A key? For a present? Now it clicked. "OH MY GOD! YOU GOT ME A CAR? Thank you so much! I have the best people in my life!" I say. This really is the best birthday present ever. 

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