The School Suprise

Kara is a teen Directioner who's playing volleyball with her friends in Gym class at her high school. Her life is about to change when she meets Harry Styles....


4. The Locker Escourt

 Once Harry stopped winking at me he went over to the boys and told them that they all should escourt me to my locker. The boys agreed. While Jessie and Niall were exchanging numbers, Harry slowly walked towards me smiling! I was fan-girling on the inside! "So Kara is it? You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I mean it.", he stated while winking at Kara. "Yes, I am she. And thank you.", She mumbled while smiling at the ground. "Don't.", Harry said. He gently lifted her head up with his pretty fingers. They both blushed. Harry smiled one last time at Kara before the boys noticed. Kara quickly headed over to her friends and told them how Harry complimented her. They were squealing with delight. They all congratulated her and let her go on a life changing journey to her locker with the boys.

Liam asked Kara, "Love do you mind showing us where your locker is, so you can put your books back?" He looked at her ever so sweetly and then Kara knew he might like her. Liam was Kara's second favorite boy out of the group. "Oh! Yes! Follow me please boys.", She announced. And just like that the five talented boys left with the girl with the pretty green eyes and the light brown hair. The boys loved walking behind her, because...well they got to check her out. Kara could hear what they were saying but acted  like she never heard a single word. Acting was her passion, other than Jesus. She could cry on cue, get into character, and act fake when necessary. That's why she loved acting, because she could act differently and get away with it. And lastly, she always has fun while acting. It's just something she loved. "Look at her butt.", Harry whispered. "Dang...", said louis. Zayn just kept looking at her figure. Niall loved the way she walked. But Liam liked how her butt moved perfectly.

Finally, Kara stopped in front of a door and adjusted her shirt as Zayn held the door open for her. "How sweet! Thank you so much Zayn!, Kara smiled. Zayn just looked at his reflection and blushed. Kara scanned all the locker numbers for hers. "Ah! Here it is!, she thought to herself while opening it. The boys were curious they looked inside and found a small locker poster with them on it. Harry couldn't believe his eyes when he saw several posters of his sexy face in her locker. "You're so lucky love! You get to look at my smiling face everyday!', Harry exclaimed. Kara just nodded her head in agreement. Of course Zayn looked in her mirror. Niall spotted a metal Elvis Presley lunchbox. Kara was a 18 year old Elvis fan at heart. She knew most of his songs and even had some old records of his. "An Elvis lunchbox!", Niall cried as he took it out of her locker. "You like Elvis?", asked Louis. "Yes!", cried Kara. "He's alright. What's your favorite song by him?", Harry smiled. "Love Me Tender.", Kara declared. The boys just nodded their heads in agreement. "May I have the food inside it dear?", Niall asked giving Kara puppy dog eyes. "Ok. But their are only snacks in there since I brought money for hot lunch today." "YOU ARE SO AMAZING!", Niall yelled. The boys just laughed, but Kara just shook her head. Harry neatly placed Kara's books into her locker. Louis yelled; "HARRY KARA'S GOT THE HOTS FOR YOU! OMG!" Harry was red as a firetruck.Harry motioned for Kara to hide her face against his chest. And so, Kara hid her face in his chest. All of the four boys laughed. Kara and Harry were embarrassed. "Anyway, sorry about that Kara and Harry I was just playing around. "It's fine. We both forgive you.", Harry said looking up slowly. "Right love?" "Uh huh.", Kara mumbled while still remaining against Harry's chest. She then looked up. Harry winked at her and whispered in her ear,"I do have the hots for you. Sexy lady.", Harry winked. Kara just laughed in agreement. Harry definitely knew what Kara thought of him...or did he know but not exactly. The boys never heard what Kara said and closed her locker as they headed towards the principal's office. Kara had to give a thank you speech. Kara did wonderfully on her speech. The principal took cute pictures of her with the boys. One Direction headed to the tour bus with Kara.


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