The School Suprise

Kara is a teen Directioner who's playing volleyball with her friends in Gym class at her high school. Her life is about to change when she meets Harry Styles....


3. "Hi! We're One Direction"

Kara turned around starled to see five gorgeous boys behind her. "Ello girls! Hi we're One Direction!", they say in unison. "Hello boys!", we all say in sweet voices. "So which one of you is Kara?", Harry asks. "That would be me.", says Kara. "Oh my gosh! It's One Direction! What are you boys doing here?, Natalie asks.     "Well it turns out that Kara was selected out your school to meet us by your principal. It was a secret contest she held so we flew all the way down here for that. And we were supposed to do and autograph signing but it was cancled.", Louis informed us. "Oh...So I get to met you guys..."  "And hang out with us for a whole week!", Harry laughed. "Cool!", said Kara. Kara noticed that Niall was talking to Jessie and they were flirting. Aww...  Harry cleared his throat and said sweetly, "I like your necklace love." "Thank you Harry. Of course you would like it because it's you." Harry stared into her eyes. "Oh this is gettin akward.", He whispered. "Boys time to get Kara out of here!", Harry yelled. "But before we do that...go grab your stuff out of the locker room and we will wait for you love.", Harry suggested. "Ok!", Kara giggled as she bolted for the locker room. Any girl would die for this chance. "I can't believe I'm going to hang out with 1D for a whole WEEK! Kara went into the tiled locker room grabbed her science notebook and textbook, swung her backpack over her right shoulder and happily went to join the boys. "Let me get that for you love.", said liam taking my backpack and putting it on his shoulder. "Why thank you!", exclaimed Kara. "And please allow me to carry your books for you sweetheart.", said Harry. And just like that we were on our way. "Wait! We should seranade Kara!", Niall suggested. "Ok!", the boys agreed in union. We were in the middle of the gym where the mascot was. I looked down and saw a warrior painted blue and gold. "Kara! Ready? 1..2..3!", Harry yelled as I looked up oh yes! Liam got a chair from coach and sat me down. The whole gym had their eyes on me now...I felt like a princess! Jessie was so happy for me and the girls to! "You're insecure don't know what for you're turning heads when you walk through the da ah or.", he sang while walking around me and looking into my eyes. Soon I heard,"Everyone else in the room can see it , everyone else but you. Baby you light up my world like nobody else....", and they each looked me in my eyes during their solos. And just like that the song ended. And Harry winked at me.....he was flirting with me....

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