The School Suprise

Kara is a teen Directioner who's playing volleyball with her friends in Gym class at her high school. Her life is about to change when she meets Harry Styles....


1. Gym Class

 It was a usually boring afternoon for Kara. Same routine: Come from science class, drop textbook, get P.E. uniform out, and finally dress in. Her friends in that class were freshman. It was akward for Kara, because she was a junior and she waited 'till the last minute to take H.O.P.E. as the school called it. H.O.P.E. stood for Health Opportunites Through Physical education. "OMG! Guess what guys?", squealed Jessie. "What?", Kara questioned as she pulled on her P.E. shirt. "Kara, girl you aren't going to believe this but i heard that One Direction is very local to us. They are visiting for some autograph signing thingy or something for a whole week. I read it in the newspaper." "NO WAY! Does that mean I will see Harry?" "Kara, I doubt he is going to waltz in here and say, "Kara! Vas Happenin'? I am going to take you away so I can have you forever!"

Kara just pulled her 1D Harry Styles necklace out of her shirt. (it was tucked inside so you couldn't see it.) and just stared at Harry, knowing somehow love will find a way.

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