The School Suprise

Kara is a teen Directioner who's playing volleyball with her friends in Gym class at her high school. Her life is about to change when she meets Harry Styles....


5. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

 One on the tour bus the boys ran around like little children. Liam escorted Kara to her "room." He smiled as he opened the door for her. Inside was the most beautiful dream room any young adult could ask for. Her comforter had the boys on it. Liam explained to her that they had no idea what she liked other then them, so that was her comforter. Kara hugged Liam and thanked him for bringing her backpack all the way here. He gently set it down next to a desk and hugged her back. "You're welcome. And I am glad you like your room. It's actually a guest room but we had people remodel it for you. And we also heard that you love to act and that you are a certificated Thespian in the Thespian Honors Society, so we thought you could be our next music video girl. Kara was stunned. She couldn't believe it! Maybe she wasn't going to stay with them for more than a week! Kara was so happy that she gave all of the boys kisses on the cheek while thanking them for everything they have done for her so far. Harry of course, blushed the most when she kissed him. A couple hours later Kara knew the boys so well. They were so down to earth and sweet to her. "Kara what do you want for dinner?", Niall asked as he looked through cup boards. "Well to be honest with you Niall, no lie but I want tacos. They sound really good right now."

Harry's POV:

Dang this girl she like reads my mind. Or she just really likes tacos...yep I think she like tacos. We are going to get along together so well! Her eyes compliment her hair. The way that her jeans fit is making me stare. I just know we were meant to be. I swear it!


"Harrryy! Mate! Snap out of it!", Niall yelled. "Sorry lad I was just thinking...", Harry responded. "About what Harry?", Niall asked. "That tacos...yeah the sound good...", Harry anwsered as he winked at me. "THEN TACOS IT IS!", cried Louis. They all went to a gourmet Mexican restraunt but their manager took our orders and brought them back to us, so we all wouldn't have to deal with the fans. "These tacos are MINE!', shouted Harry. Niall pushed Harry out of the way and grabbed some nachos. Harry pouted. "We can share mine if you'd like?", I offered Harry. "Sure sweetheart!", He agreed. "Let's eat in your room. There's a little pop up table for you to use in their and two chairs." The four other boys scrambled into different directions and ate their dinner. "Ok.', I agreed. Harry and I walked to my room. He opened the door like a gentleman and I thanked him. He pulled out the pop up table and showed off his strength as he grabbed to heavy chairs. "One for you and one for me." "Thank you Mr.Styles," I flirted. "You're welcome my fair lady. And now the tacos with nachos. I'll be back.", he said running to get the food. Kara wondered why he wanted to spend alone time with her. He came back shortly with cheesy nachos and hard shelled tacos. Kara thought,"We shared the chips like a married couple would do on a date. It was cute!"  "So Harry just wondering....why do you want to spend alone time with me?" " I like you...and aren't you my number one fan? You're not like other girls. You're my type. You have really pretty eyes. They sparkle.", Harry flirted. Kara flirted back and before you know it they were done with dinner. "Where's the dessert?", Kara asked. "Right here.", harry smiled kissing her cheek. Kara blushed. A dream is a wish your heart makes. Harry cleared the table and joined the boys to see what they were up to. They were getting ready to play TRUTH OR DARE. One of Kara's favorite games and the boys too. "You guys wanna join us?", Zayn asked. "Sure! Let me go grab Kara. This is one of her favorite games!" Kara was dancing in her room to "In The Closet" by Michael Jackson. And she was doing the same moves as the Michael Jackson Experience dance game. Harry cracked the door open ajar to find kara putting her hands in front of her, pulling them towards her chest, and putting them on her thighs. It was the beginning of the "In The Closet"dance from the game. All the boys went up to Harry and looked inside her room she was stepping foward with one foot in front of the other while shaking her hips in a circular motion. The boys couldn't control themselves and Kara had no idea what was going on. "I think we have Michael Jackson The Experience for kinect", Zayn said. "Yes we do. How do you think I mastered the Thriller dance?" "Let's hook it up for her so she can dance to that song with us. We can do Michael's part.....


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