I'm in love with you

My boyfriend zayn , zayn malik one of the famous boys. We have been together for a year but zayn tell me something and I either say yes or no but I have got to decide if he's the love of my life or the nightmare of the year


1. When we meet

My name Is Dior glover-styles.me and my boyfriend zayn meet a year ago when I found out that Harry styles is my brother since then me and my brother have been really close we are like best friends . Before me and zayn became a couple we was best friends was round each others houses every day but the one day zayn came round my house and told me that he is in love with me but I was speechless all I came out with was "ok wow " he stormed out I had to chase him down the road to stop him " it was a shock I'm so sorry zayn " I mumbled feeling ver guilty "I love you too", he slowly pulled me towards he slowly kissing me until I started walking back towards my house, I pulled him upstairs to talk to him but as soon as we got through the door to my room he was kissing me as he pushed on my lips I heard him say " Dior I love you " I slowly mumbled " malik I love you to "he pushed me away from the door towards my bed until half way he pushed my up to he hips while still kissing me when we had got to the bed he slowly bent down to place me on my bed the climbed over me to the other side and then started kissing me on my neck then slowly came to my lips eating for a reply I slowly kiss him back and then he lean up and said dior glover-styles please come on a date with me and knowing of course I said yes
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