I'm in love with you

My boyfriend zayn , zayn malik one of the famous boys. We have been together for a year but zayn tell me something and I either say yes or no but I have got to decide if he's the love of my life or the nightmare of the year


3. The first song

He started singing Justin bieber song baby " baby baby baby ow " I stopped him mid way put the guitar on the floor sat on he lap and kissed him very hard and said " zayn malik you should be on the X factor the he had a worried face on and said what if they don't like me " I looked straight in he eyes and said " zayn malik you are the most talented boy I know " he look back in my eyes " Dior I am not going to argue with you" the anger built up in me again but I didn't do anything later we started to walk home I got home but I was that angry I didn't kiss him bye I shut the door on him and ran up stair I watched him walk away . I was tempted to call him but was way too angry at him so I put one of zayn t-shirt and some of my p-jama bottoms on and climbed in my bed and replayed what I had done. Early that morning I woke up with tears down my face as I must of been crying but i had arm around me as I turned around too zayn " morning baby " with he morning croaking voice I couldn't help but laugh then looked at him " what are you doing here " confusingly looking at him " I missed you baby D and i thought you was mad at me but when I your mum let me come up to your room I had seen you asleep " he smiled as I got out of bed " and it looks like you missed me too " noticing that I had he t-shirt on he got out of the bed to wearing nothing but boxers " look like you stripped of " I smiled at him "it just for you baby " as I got closer climbing over my bed making it a mess as I just made it
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