I'm in love with you

My boyfriend zayn , zayn malik one of the famous boys. We have been together for a year but zayn tell me something and I either say yes or no but I have got to decide if he's the love of my life or the nightmare of the year


4. His perfect

I jump up on to his waist " I have missed you " I smirked at him. Dior my mother shouted as she came stomping up the stair in to my room and there I was hanging on zayn waist while he only had he boxers on " I want you to paint the living room please zayn you can help her if you like " she looked confused " yes mrs Hickman I will be honoured to help" he smiled at me while dropping me to the floor ( different name because of Devorce ) she has gone " I smiled at him " awkward that looked a bit wrong " "how did it " he looked at me confused he eyes looked so geourgeous I kissed him once again and said " it looked like we had sex" he smiled " I wish "I smirk at him and then go to get ready and then he shouted " have you got any of my clothes " lucky I had 2 of he's shirts and some jean of his I hand them to him and then we go down stairs to paint the living room and then choose he favourite colour green to paint on the wall " what do you think you are doing malik"I pause " I'm not having that colour " he smirks at me " err yeah we are " I look at him and bend over to get the purple paint and then something very cold splashes on my back i look behind and I see a very guilty zayn not a few cm away I pick up the purple paint and he says " you put that on me and you will never get another kiss again " splash .... Did I throw it on the floor or on him
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