I'm in love with you

My boyfriend zayn , zayn malik one of the famous boys. We have been together for a year but zayn tell me something and I either say yes or no but I have got to decide if he's the love of my life or the nightmare of the year


2. A perfect first date

"Meet me at 7 o'clock tonight " he smiles at me " you are giving me an hour to get ready " I say grinning like an Idiot "you don't need 24/7 to get ready you know " I could feel the anger build up but I keep silent "I'll meet you at seven babe don't take long getting ready I'm really can't wait that long " he shout while walking out if the door I shout down the hallway " I love you malik"

He waiting Down stair it's just turned seven like a minute ago I have but a pair of hight wasted shorts and a brown vested top on with a black cardie and a brown belt round my waist with black high heels and a brown purse my hair is curled and I've got it gripped to the side.my brother having the talk with zayn as he has done for all my boyfriend I have had this year ( like two) so i am waiting for Harry to finish till I come down stairs zayn has text saying " he is so bad at lectures" I smile nodding my head as if he is in the room but I knowing that what he has just text is right . We are walking down the road the zayn as told me to shut my eyes we walk at least 10 steps until he told me to open my eyes he has took me to my favourite place . Italic spaggetio
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