Autumn Weathers

Autumn Weathers; a girl with an ironic name and personality. Curly red hair, and green eyes flecked with gold. Pale, ivory coloured skin that compliments the freckles dotted around her nose. And another thing that is ironic about Autumn, is she even looks like the season she was named after. And... Autumn is Scottish. And... She's moving, with her father, to America. Upon arrival, Autumn gets more than what she bargained for. Love is in the air for Autumn as well as plenty of laughs and adventures, but when the Autumn leaves fall, will this 'ginger, Scottish lass', have it all?


2. ρℓαηєѕ, ѕєяισυѕℓу؟

"Dad?" I said, in my thick Scottish accent. It sounded like daaaaahhdd. "Are we really moving to America?" I whined, as we boarded the plane.


"Autumn, we're getting on the plane now. Of course, we are moving to America," He replied. "You've asked me that so many times, Aut. We are moving to America." His nickname for me was Aut. Again, with the accent, 'Aut' sounded like oooaaatt. If Dad says that in front of the Americans, they'll probably start calling me porridge. Fun.

"I know that i've said it a lot, but really Dad, why do we have to move? Scotland is perfect! I hate America," I sighed. Aymericaaaah

"Darling, Scotland is far from perfect. America is far from perfect, but you know why we have to move," he stated. We had just boarded the plane, and were making our way to our seats.


"Oh my god," I gasped. We had a three-seater. And the woman, sat next to the window, was taking up two seats. "She's sat in my seat! And yours!" I whispered. I gulped. If anything, one of my fears of flying is sitting next to fat snoring women. And by the looks of it, my fear was reality. "Dad, make her move!" I whispered harshly. Moohveeeh.

"I can't just make her move," Dad whispered. I could tell he wanted to.

"Yes, you can! Or if not, i'll just move her!" I shrieked.

"Oh, Autumn, just sit down! And do not make a fuss!" Dad said, harshly.

I sighed, and sat on the seat nearest to the aisle. I let dad sit in the seat that was nearest to the women. "Ladies first!" I smiled. I immediately dove into my backpack, pulled out a Galaxy bar and my Top Of The Pops magazine. Dad squeezed into the seat next to me, and I began to munch into my chocolate as I flipped through the pages of my entertainment. "AW CRAP!" I screamed, waking up the woman sat next to us. My eyes grew wide. "Daaaaaddd!" I screamed.


"What?" He looked startled. "Whats happened? You okay? Have we left something? Whats the matter?"

"I let Kate borrow my Kindle! Awh, I forgot! Dad, she's still got my Kindle!" I screamed. How perfectly typical. Well, bye bye Christmas present.

 "Aw, Autumn!" He sighed. Awwteeemm.

My phone suddenly buzzed. Of course. 'hiya, ive stil got ur kindle!! r u on plane? aw, sht! sorry! k8 xx' It was a text from Kate. Typical, that as soon as I remembered about it I got a text. Lovely.

"Excuse me, who are you and why have you disturbed me from my sleep?" The old, fat woman said, who I had rudely awakened.


"One min," I said. I was texting Kate back.

"I'm sorry. I'm David, and this is my daughter Autumn. I'm sorry that she woke you, its just she's received some startling news. I think. Anyway, I'm sorry," Dad apologised sincerely to the fat woman.

"Startling news, eh?!" I whispered, nudging dad. I yawned. Suddenly, I felt really tired. And dad noticed.

"Shut it, Aut, and go to sleep," he said.

"No!" I protested. Damn, I was tired.

"Aut! Sleep! Your going to need it!"


He won. I reached into my bag, and when dad wasn't looking, I swallowed a sleeping pill. 14, and already into drugs. Way to go, Autumn! Safe seeeexxxxxx. Aha, I'm kidding. Calm down. "Night, dad," I said, sounding drowsy. Within seconds, I was falling asleep. 

"Night, Autumn. See you in America," I heard Dad whisper, before I entered into a deep sleep.

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