Autumn Weathers

Autumn Weathers; a girl with an ironic name and personality. Curly red hair, and green eyes flecked with gold. Pale, ivory coloured skin that compliments the freckles dotted around her nose. And another thing that is ironic about Autumn, is she even looks like the season she was named after. And... Autumn is Scottish. And... She's moving, with her father, to America. Upon arrival, Autumn gets more than what she bargained for. Love is in the air for Autumn as well as plenty of laughs and adventures, but when the Autumn leaves fall, will this 'ginger, Scottish lass', have it all?


1. ιηтяσ∂υ¢ιηg... αυтυмη!

I'm Autumn.

Autumn Weathers.

Ironic, I know.

I'm very ironic.

I practically scream "IRONIC!" whenever you see me.

Anyway, yeah.

Hi, I'm Autumn Weathers.

Shut up, shut up, shut up!


I'm fourteen. Bouncy, curly red hair. Green eyes flecked with gold. Pale, ivory coloured skin. Freckles dotted around my nose. Also what's ironic is that I even look like the colours of autumn.

I mostly dress in the colours of autumn as well. I'm the full package! I love the colour orange, and green and turqouise. For Halloween, I wear all orange and pretend I'm a pumpkin.

So yeah. I'm a girl. And I'm amazing at singing and dancing.

I'm like, Christina Aguiahjsdghjadfjasgf.

I need to shut up about myself being ironic.

So very ironic.


And I'm Scottish.

And here I am, moving to America.

Help. Me.

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