The feeling of believing

Vandt lyrik konkurrencen med dette digt, som beskriver hvor meget et idol kan betyde for en - i midt tilfælde er det Justin :-)
Det ville betyde meget for mig, hvis i lige ville bruge noget tid på at læse den og evt. like/sætte den på favoritten, hvis i har lyst.

Digtet er på engelsk.


1. Never Say Never



They'll never understand

The feeling of believing.


Have you ever thought about

How your life would be

If you had just reached out

For that one dream?


Every night

Every day

I think for myself

What I would say

Just a simple hug

Just a simple smile

Would change my entire life


No one knows what my dream is

No one knows what he means to me

They never will

They don't get what I see

In this one boy 

That means so much to me


It's just a phase

A petty obsession they say

But tell me

Does a phase last three years straight?

This boy made me believe

He made me stand tall

This boy made me achieve

He made me go through it all


Strangers becomes friends

Friends becomes strangers

And why?

All because of this one guy

But I need to stand tall

I won't ever leave him

I wouldn't change anything at all


My best decision ever

Was to Never Say Never

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