Too Young ~One Direction

I love him; he loves me. But my brother is standing in our way. Honestly, I wouldn't care what he'd say, I love you. That's what matters. ~Nicole Riann Styles


6. Chapter 6


Nicole's POV


I got really tired around two so I went back to Harry's flat. On the way, I almost rode on a cat. Trying to avoid the tragedy, I fell. Scraping my knee, really wide, if I may add. "Oww... stupid stupid stupid." I said to myself. "Stupid cat." But I'm seriously blaming the cat on this tragedy.

As I went home, I was thinking about what Harry might say. He might give me another lecture. Nah, I don't think my brother is too protective for me NOT to go out on a Wednesday morning to afternoon. "I'm back!" I said as I closed the door. "Nicole Riann Styles..." I heard my brother say from the kitchen. "you are so fucking dead!" Oh no. I thought to myself. "Hey, brother." I say with much enthusiasm. "Where have you been?" Where have you been all my la-a-a-life. I sung in my head. Then I chuckled. "I was at the beach." "You know how far the beach is from here?" he asked. I nod. "Now I do." I laughed. Then I saw Louis by the counter of the kitchen. "Hey Lou!" I said poking his stomach. Liam, Zayn and Niall were also there. "Hey lads!" I poked their stomach too. "Where have you been?" Zayn asked. Again, I sung Rihanna's song in my head. "I was at the beach. As I said in my letter that I stuck on the door." I pointed at the door. They laughed. "Yeah, I read. But don't you know going out alone is dangerous?" "I know but I took the risk of getting raped." I said sarcastically. "Don't get sarcastic in front of us, missy." Liam said. I pouted and said "I'm sorry Daddy." with the best cute sad face or puppy face I could have done. "It's okay." Louis suddenly hugged me. "As long as your fine." As long as you la-la-la-la-la-love me., I sung in my head. Why do I keep on singing in my head. "C'mon Nickeh, you should eat." I suddenly started to sing C'mon C'mon in my head. Oh to the heck with it. I started singing outloud.

"Heeeeeeey, I've been watching you all night. And something ain't alright." I laughed. "You are a directioner." Niall said laughing. "I am!" I said proudly.

"Guuuuys, when is your next concert? I am dying just to see you guys perform live!" I was hyper. What did I eat? Oh yeah, NOTHING. I laughed. "Are you okay, Nickeh?" Harry asked. "You're a bit... hyper." I started giggling. Oh yeah, I am hyper. "I am hyper! Anything wrong with that?""Nothing but the last time I saw you hyper, you fell into the pool. Remember?" I laughed and nodded.

"La la la la la...." I said skipping to the living room. "La la la la..." "Nicole, sit down." Harry commanded me. I stuck my tongue out. "You might bump into something." As he finished saying his sentence, I hit my head on the wall. And fell on my butt. "Owieee.." I said rubbing my forehead as I stood up. All of them were laughing at me. I finally sat down. "It's not funny!" I said crossing my arms. "Don't lie. You know it was kinda funny." Zayn said whilst he made fun of me being clumsy. "Whatever." I started eating. "Nicole, you should finish eating."

After eating, I put my plate in the sink. And started skipping around the kitchen. "La la la la...." "Nicole, you might hit your head again, if you don't stop." I didn't listen to my brother knowing it won't happen again. "La la la la..." I said and finally the karma came. I SLIPPED!! I started to fake cry. The boys swarmed around me. "Nicole, are you okay?" Prank time!!! I thought. "Huh? Who's Nicole? Am I Nicole?" I tried to hold my laughter. "It's me, Harry, remember?" "Harry? I knew a Harry, I think." I pointed to Liam "Are you my brother?" I asked scratching the back of my head. "See, that's why I told you to sit down!" Harry was angry. Oh no... "We need to bring you to a doctor." Doctors?! They know I hate hospitals... "Harry, I'm fine. I was just playing you. I'm sorry." Harry smirked. "I know."

"Guys, I wanna take a walk, okay? I need fresh air." "Can I come with you?" Niall asked. I smiled at him and nodded. My first time anywhere with Niall, alone. "Do you know the nearest park?" I asked with a smirk on my face. He nodded, grabbed my hand and started to run. I blushed as he held my hand. After a minute of running, Niall and I were at a beautiful pond. "Wow... It's so pretty." I said. "Like you..." he whispered. I was the color of a tomato! "You're the first one I brought here, ever." "Why?" I asked. "I promised myself that the one's I trust are the one's I'm going to bring here." "Aw... flattering. Thank you though." he kissed my hand. "Anytime." we just stayed there. Until the sun went down and the moon showed it's beaming light. We stayed there, holding hands, talking random things, sometimes singing. I knew I had feelings for him. But I'm too scared of him denying and Harry refusing.


Why is life so hard?






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