Too Young ~One Direction

I love him; he loves me. But my brother is standing in our way. Honestly, I wouldn't care what he'd say, I love you. That's what matters. ~Nicole Riann Styles


3. Chapter 3

Nicole's POV

I went back to Harry's flat. I missed my best friend, Alex. She's lived in Chesire before but she went back to the Philippines. She's a Filipino. She was born there but her family moved to the U.K when she was two.

I decided to Skype her. I smiled when I saw her answer. (A/N: I've never ever used Skype before)

"Hey!" I screamed. "HEY!!!!" she screamed even louder. "How are you?" I asked. "I'm doing good..." she tried to lie but miserably failed. "There is something wrong with you..." I said making a pout. "Tell me, you know you can tell me anything." a smile forms on her lips. "I miss you! I miss the U.K." she squealed. "It's too boring here! I miss you, miss it there!" I laughed at her desperateness. "I miss you too... I wish I could do something." she sighed. "I wish I could do something about it too." "Babe, I have a massive headache. Can we chat later?" I asked. She nodded and I said bye.


I laid on my bed... I chuckled at that thought. My bed...  I laid there until I drifted off to sleep.





I woke up and luckily I couldn't feel the headache anymore. I went downstairs to find no one in sight. I sighed. I took a glass and got some water. I wanted new clothes... Though I don't have money. I sent Hazza a text.


To: Hazza

Haz, I want to go to the mall. Can I borrow money? Where r u tho?


About five minutes later, I received a reply.


From: Hazza

Did u even check the time? It's bloody 10 pm... Come to Niall's flat instead. We'll go shoppin tom. okay? xx


I mentally face slapped myself and then went to Niall's flat. And with that I slowly knock on the door and Harry opened it. "Shh..." he said. "They are all asleep." I nod. "You wanna sleep on the couch?" He asked me. I shook my head. "Do you have a bike?" I asked. "It's 10 pm, Nickeh. It's getting late." "But I'm not sleepy, I need to borrow your bike, I want to go to Starbucks." "No bike. I'll just drive you." I shook my head. "If you don't want to I really suggest to take the bike." "No, it's fine." he said grabbing his keys.



"Harry, I think you are really tired. I think I can drive." I told him. "No, you are not allowed to drive yet remember."I rolled my eyes. "Don't worry, when we get there I'll get a cup too." I nod as he continued to drive.

I got a Mocha Frapp decaf whilst Harry got a Caramel Frapp.

After drinking, we got back to the car and went back to his flat.



"Nickeh, I'm going back to Niall's flat. Are you sure you wanna stay there?" I nod. "Alone?" my eyes widen then I shook my head frantically. "Can I stay with you guys? And probably sleep on a bed?" "We'll see..." then we went back to Niall's flat. "Tomorrow, after lunch, we'll go to the mall, okay?" I nod. "Love you, good night." I smile. "Love you too."


And with that, I fell asleep on Niall's bed.





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