Too Young ~One Direction

I love him; he loves me. But my brother is standing in our way. Honestly, I wouldn't care what he'd say, I love you. That's what matters. ~Nicole Riann Styles


10. Chapter 10

Hey guys! I massively want to write another chapter. Kendra Malik <3 is our winner... But!!!!! She will not be put into the story for the mean time. She is RESERVED.


I thought why not just use the boys real girlfriends. Thanks to littlebritishgirl:) for giving me the idea.... MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!





Nicole's POV


He kissed me. I got my second first kiss. My first kiss was with a boy named Fabian. He was my best friend when I was in middle school. He and I did everything together. But he left, he went back to Liverpool. He and I used to chat until... he and I got torn apart, forgot, and left.


"Nicole, would you be my girlfriend?" Niall asked me. I was in complete shock. I didn't know what to say... I've never been asked to be anyone's girlfriend, I've never been asked on a bloody date! I stood up and paused for a second and ran away.


I'm so stupid. Why the fuck did I run away? I like Niall. He likes me back, that was perfect. But my insecurities always ruin everything perfect. Niall followed me. "Nicole, please stop." I stopped and I noticed I was crying. "Why are you crying love?" Niall asked and wiped my tears with his thumb. "I-I'm so s-sorry for running away l-like that..." ""It's okay. But why did you run?" he emphasized the word why. "I'm...I'm..." I couldn't continue. "You're what love?" "I'm insecure, Niall." I finally blurted it out. "As I said, I don't deserve any of you guys. I'm just a waste of space." "Nicole, look me in the eyes." my tears were still falling as I look into Niall's beautiful blue eyes. "You deserve everything that is given to you. You are beautiful...perfect...funny, everything a guy could want! If you think being beautiful is being perfect, it's not! Perfect is too boring. Then if being beautiful is being perfect, than I don't want any girl that is "beautiful"..." I let out a small laugh. "You are beautiful, Nicole. And I love you, will you be mine?" I smiled and nodded. He started to carry me and spin me around. I was about to cry, he looked like he was going to collapse if he spun me around for a few more moments, "Niall, put me down!" I yelled and he quickly put me down. "I'm sorry." he said kissing my cheek. I blushed but still felt uncomfortable. "Can we hide us for a while?" I asked. "I'm not sure of how Harry will take it and..." I prolonged the and. "I don't want him to send me back to Chesire." he nodded and gave me a peck on the lips. 


We went back to the house. As I entered the door, someone ran up to me. "Nicole, I'm so so sorry," It was Liam. "I didn't mean to yell at you. I was just worried that you'd become anore-" I cut him off by hugging him. "Liam, I'm sorry for running off like that. I didn't mean to." he hugged back. Oh my gosh, I am so small. I thought as he continued to talk. "It's okay. I guess we were both wrong." he kissed my forehead and told me that we were watching a movie. I wanted to watch a scary movie. "Guys, can we watch a scary movie?" I asked. "Sure." Harry answered. "Scream 3 and 4?" I nodded. I whispered in Niall's ear. "Imma sit beside Harry, okay? So they won't become suspicious." he nod and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then I ran to Harry. "May I sit beside you Haz?" I asked. "Sure, anything for my sistah." I laughed and the movie began.


I would eventually hide into Harry's chest. But I love scary movies! The whole night after the movie, I couldn't get this feeling that someone was out to get me. Like in Scream 3 & 4... Every time someone talked, moved or did something I would squeal. "We are NOT going to watch anymore horror movies, okay?!" Liam said slightly with stern. "Yes, daddy." I joked. "Daddy, may I go to sweep now?" I said in my baby voice. "But we haven't eaten dinner yet." My face dropped and I looked at the floor. "I lost my appetite. I'm going to bed." I ran upstairs, put on my iPhone on my dock and played Take Me Home album... And I drifted off to sleep.





I woke up about 10 in the morning. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed. Unfortunately, I was on my period. I will be a little bit more sassy today. I turned my laptop on and tried to Skype with Alex. Yes, she's on! I thought to myself. "Aleeeex!" I slightly yelled. "Nickeeeeeh!" she replied. "I missed you." I said. "Me too. But guess whaaaaaat?" she said. "What?" "On my birthday, I'll be going there to London to meet you!!" I squealed. "For how many days?" "As much as I want, as long as it's not on the day before classes resume." I started to dance around. "Bye, have to go. It's dinner time here in the PH." she said. I waved and logged out. I AM SO EXCITED FOR LEXI TO COME HERE!    I turned 'Kiss You' by 1D on. I put it on FULL BLAST but lessened about two bars before dancing.


I danced around my room. And continued to chant, "Alex is coming... Alex is coming.. Alex is coming.. Alex is co-o-o-o-oming..." I suddenly fell down and started laughing. I started rolling on the floor. I was hyper. I got the idea of singing it. I sang, "Rolling on the flooooo-ooor" changing Rolling In The Deep, "you had my heart inside of your hand but you played it and I feeeeeel. Rolling on the flooor, I don't wanna staaaaand up..." I started to laugh uncontrollably. I got my laptop and sat on my bed. I started to chat with my friend Jane. "Oh my gosh, hi Jane." i said. "Hey, Nickeh. You still have a crush on Zayn?" she sang. "Shhhh... someone might here you!" I yelled. "And NO, I don't have a crush on Zayn anymore." she stuck her tongue out. "bye, peace out, suka!" I yelled and ran to my closet to get shoes but instead I fell on the floor. I stood up and noticed that I slipped on my sock. "Eff you sock, eff you!" I yelled. Someone cleared there throat and I look to the door and notice all the boys were laughing.


I started to blush, "How much of that did you see?" still blushing. "From when you played Kiss You and chanting 'Alex is coming'..." Harry said. I became more red. "I hate you guys." I said being humiliated. "It's okay, you looked cute." Louis said. "You have a crush on me?" Zayn said proudly. "Excuse me, I said I HAD a crush on you. Not anymore." And the boys 'Oohh'd. I just chuckled. "We were going to ask you if you wanted to come with us..." Niall said. "Where are you guys going?" "IHOP." Liam stated. "Can we drive thru at Mcdonald's I want a hash brown, please." Liam nodded. And I was STARVING.

After getting two hash browns and hot choco at Mcdo, the lads went to IHOP and I just watched them eat. Niall was so cute when he ate his pancakes. He was holding my hand under the table. But the day continued just like that. Same thing happened for lunch, though I didn't eat.






Hey guys, miss meh? Nah, kidding.


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