Too Young ~One Direction

I love him; he loves me. But my brother is standing in our way. Honestly, I wouldn't care what he'd say, I love you. That's what matters. ~Nicole Riann Styles


1. Chapter 1


Hello. My name is Nicole Riann Styles. I am 13 years old and is the younger sister of Harry Styles. My birthday is on May 5... I live in Holmes Chapel, Chesire with my mum.


Since in three days it's summer, I am staying with my brother in his flat. They have some time off so I am spending time with him. That was so convenient since I wasn't going to do anything in the summer. How boring!


"Nicole..." my mum yelled from the other end of the flat. "Harry is here!" I quickly got my bags and ran to the front door. "I'm ready..." I said stumbling with my two small yet heavy bags. "Here, let me help you." Harry said but before he got my bags I hugged him. He hugged back. When we let go he asked "What was that for?" whilst he got my bags. "I missed you... And thank you for bringing me to your flat... it's too boring here!" I basically yelled, making sure mum heard. "I heard that!" she yelled from the kitchen. "You were supposed to..." I said chuckling. "You ready?" I nodded. "Bye mum. See you at the end of the summer!" I yelled. "Bye hun. I love you." she was still screaming from the kitchen. "Bye. I love you too!" then I shut the door.



Harry and I were only driving to London. It was for 'more bonding time' thing he thought of. Since he was driving, I didn't complain. I missed my brother. He and I are very close. So close, he is overprotective.





My body was being shook so I woke up. "The fudge is happening?" I asked whilst I slowly opened my eyes. "We're here." Harry said, taking my bags from the second row of the car. "Wow, I slept all the way to London." I laughed getting out of Harry's car.


I helped him with one bag and left him with two. When we entered the house it was clean. "You live here?" I said. "Yeah, why? Too big?" I shook my head. "Too clean!?" I said in shock. He chuckled. "I haven't been here for four months, what do you expect?" he said. "Oh... Now I see why it's so clean." I stumbled on the couch. "Where do I stay?" "Come with me. I'll show you." Harry said.


He showed me a beautiful blue room. My favorite color!!!!!! I squealed with excitement. "You like it?" he asked. "I love it..." I replied looking around the room. "This is your room now. You can come here whenever you like once you leave." he stated. "I don't want to leave!!!" he chuckled. "Okay. Let's go..." "Where are we going?" I asked. "We just got here...." I whined. "We're going to an early dinner... Or late lunch with the lads..." I stopped in my tracks. "Wait... you mean Zayn Jawaad Malik, Liam James Payne, Louis William Tomlinson and Niall James Horan?" I said whilst I was fan girling inside. Yes, I am a Directioner.

"You're a directioner?" my brother asked. "Yup." I said popping the 'p'.


So... it was clear. I was going to meet the rest of the band.








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