A koisedens on the road

If i knew that that moment wold cange my life forever, i might have been alittle bitt nicer...
Eline was a girl that reacently moved to another contry to go on school. She didn't have any friends, but with an accsident her hole life was turned up side down...


4. Talk

Elines p.o.v
The blond guy pollen me down beside him self. "Do you want something?" The guy i think was Liam, asked me but i just say no. I wasn't going to be there long. The guy with curls (that one i hitted) was just looking down on his coffee. "So tell us something about you." the blond guy takler with a beerd aksent, i think its irish, Do no. " Why?" i just don't know Why the want to here about me... "We want to Get you to know better, right Harry?" Liam pushed Harry and he just nodded. "Okey... Well my name are Eline, but you guy know that alredy. I'm not english, I'm 20 years old and i go on school here..." ididn't want to tellthem Much. "Grate! Well I'm Liam, I'm english. I'm 25 years old and are in a band." He smiled at me, Why? " Okey, i gress its my turn no" the blond guy starded talking. " I'm Niall, i am irish and I'm 25 years old. And im in a band." He lokked at curly. "Harry, it's your turn!" " Fine, I'm Harry, english, 24 years and in a band, pluss your runde at me eliter this morning." he looked alittle bitt angry.
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